Packing the Hospital Bag

I mean what?! Packing the hospital bag seems so… final. That must mean that this baby is due SOON right?

We are 37 weeks on Friday. Which is classed as full term. With my BP still doing crazy things, we need to be prepared for the chance of a spike and a possible induction between 37 and 38 weeks, so we figured it was time to get the hospital bag show on the road!

Here’s what I’m packing.

For me…


Night dress, PJ bottoms, pair of slippers and a pair of slipper socks. Obviously I will be adding a going home outfit for me, which will likely consist of the most comfortable things that I can find! There’s also some rather large granny type pants that I didn’t think I should put in the picture – you guys don’t need to see my pants. But you DO need to see my unicorn slippers! They’re so FLUFFY!

Breast pads, sanitary pads, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, lip balm and body wash.

Ipad and charger. I’ll also be adding an iphone charger, some snacks and a few bottles of lucozade to help keep energy up. There will also be some snacky bits for Amy in here too.

For Eden…

In her beautiful changing bag…

Two vests, one onesie, two hats and two pairs of scratchmitts. All newborn size. Then her pramsuit in newborn for keeping cosy on the way home.

Her awesome going home outfit…


Which I totally adore. Amy bought this before we even knew that Eden was a girl so it’s a special little outfit.


Other little (not so interesting) bits for Eden are in the other side of the suitcase. Two dummies, six bottles of formula (although the hospital does supply this so I have a feeling these will come home with us), two muslin cloths, some nappies, wipes and bum cream. As well as her fantastic fox blanket for operation “keep cosy on the way home”.

I’m thinking of getting some ziplock sandwich bags to keep everything neat and accessible so there’s no crazy digging through bags, and I’m also going to add a couple of back up outfits in 0-3 just in case the newborn ones are too small for her. I’m also going to add a couple of pillows as I do like my own pillows.

So, that’s the hospital bags! To be honest I really thought we would need more, but I think we’ve done pretty well so far. I’m sure other things will pop into my head. When I was at the day unit the other day for monitoring, there was a couple who I swear had brought their whole house with them, so I worried about my dinky carry on size suitcase that was sitting at home. But, seems we are fine!

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12 Responses to Packing the Hospital Bag

  1. Solo Mum says:

    I see some people’s and they take a ridiculous amount of stuff! You don’t need it all, you’ve packed well. Plus, if you really, really need something else I’m sure you’ll be able to send someone to get it.

    Exciting times ahead!

  2. hopingonhope says:

    You didnt pack food/ snacks for your partner during labour? She wont leave your side and would be hungry when you are labouring. Also, pack some for yourself too. If you have a mid night delivery, you will be crazy hungry and most hospital cafeterias will be closed.

    Also, on the side, you defintely need large and thick sanitary napkins. in canada, nurses and midwives suggest packing adult incontinence diapers, seriously the napkins that can contain any flow is probably as thick as a a rolled up dish towel.

  3. jennandm says:

    Love the light packing. A suggestion. Make sure you don’t put babe in the car seat in that winter suit. Her straps will be too loose and ineffective if you have an accident.

    Glad you remembered chap stick! Life saver!

  4. ahhhh getting close!!!

  5. True Hugbo says:

    Nice bag! Don’t take too many 0-3 things, I don’t think she’ll need them at all based on size. My little guy was about 9.5 lbs and still went home in newborn things. Granted, he only lasted another 5-6 days in them.

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