Maternity Clothes – The Struggle is Real!

One thing I dislike about being pregnant is maternity clothes. I don’t often buy clothes, so the idea that I HAVE to because of the expanding bump is annoying to me. First world problems, right? However, what I didn’t realise was how near impossible it is to get maternity clothes on the high street.

I don’t really “do” online shopping. I’m never at home to take in deliveries and can never be bothered to drag my butt to the sorting office to pick up whatever has been rejected at my door. My neighbours are great at taking in parcels, but unfortunately they do have lives too!

Consequently, wherever possible I try to buy clothes from the shops themselves. That’s partly because Id on’t have to fanny around with parcels, but partly because I wear about three different clothes sizes and am never sure about the fit from different stores. Much easier than sending it back and forth to stores or buying several sizes, just to return one or more of them.

This turned out to be a bit more of a faff than I had thought it would be. Lots and lots of stores “do” maternity. New Look, H&M, Next, Asda, Sainsburys – they all have a maternity range. But do any of them stock them in store? NOPE! New Look stock them in a few stores, but not in their main Central London stores. Not even their HUGE Marble Arch store. From Next, maternity wear is online only no matter the size of their massive stores. H&M are a little more forgiving, with a better range of maternity stocked at a better range of stores. Both Asda and Sainsburys I am yet to find maternity wear in store. A few Peacocks stores tend to have a tiny maternity section, which is better than nothing but still not ideal.

Take today, for example. I would quite like a dress to wear tomorrow. I’m getting bored of the same jeans and top combos and all of my other (non maternity) dresses don’t really fit any more. Today is payday, so a perfect opportunity for some retail therapy. I work in Central London, so you would think it would be easy enough to come by a maternity section. Nope! So far only Topshop seems to have a maternity section in store, and I resent paying their prices… So, maybe I will just buy something in a bigger size or keep looking. They also do that really fun thing where they tend to have size 6, 8 or 10 in stock and that’s it… anything above a “massive” size 12 is, you guessed it – online only!

I just wish stores would cater a little better for their pregnant customers. I know it’s only nine months, and I know that maybe maternity wear isn’t as big business as some of the other ranges, but us pregnant ladies need things to wear! I shouldn’t have to go online to find clothes, especially when I don’t usually buy clothes online. Dammit stores, do you want my money or not?!

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25 Responses to Maternity Clothes – The Struggle is Real!

  1. Wow, what a pain in the butt! We live in a town of 50,000 and have a dedicated maternity clothing store. Mind you I couldn’t afford to shop there when I was pregnant, but at least it was an option for some.

  2. Solo Mum says:

    Debenhams and Dorothy Perkins both have maternity wear in a wide range of sizes in most of their stores – they were the only places I had any luck. It’s so frustrating.

    • When I looked online al of the Dorothy Perkins stuff was out of stock in all the stores around here. Maybe it’s changed? I will have a look at Debenhams – tah!

      • Solo Mum says:

        You’d think London was better stocked haha I live in South Wales and it seems more readily available.

        I did buy some stuff from next online and just collected it at their store, tried it on before I left so I could return it immediately if it didn’t fit, but it seems like a lot of trouble. There must be fewer pregnant women in the world than we think πŸ˜‰

        Also mother care but their stuff is expensive and not very nice. But great for tights and stuff

        Good luck on your search! Let us know your findings

      • Oh I find mothercare SO expensive! Next I ordered some stuff for Eden online from and they just handed it over to some random customer, so I’m loathe to order from them to store. Of course they’re quick to take your money when you order, but if you need a refund that’s 5-7 working days *eyeroll*
        I just want maternity wear in a shop!

    • Solo Mum says:

      Oh, and charity shops usually have a great selection simply because they’re items worn for such a short period of time. Usually in great condition too

  3. hopingonhope says:

    Do you have Thyme or Motherhood Maternity over there? And a UK size 12 is a US size 8. So that is almost on the smaller side of medium. Ah fat shaming a pregnant woman ..

  4. miku says:

    I was suprised to find a pretty good maternity section in Pimark not too long ago. Have you had a look in one of their stores yet? There’s that massive one in Oxford circus. x

  5. True Hugbo says:

    Can you order online and get it delivered to your work? That’s what I do all the time, it’s so convenient. Of course it only works once you’ve figured out the sizing but I ordered quite a few things from the Gap or Old Navy maternity lines so I knew they’d fit.

  6. I had the best luck with charity shops, but they’re a lot bigger here, with more selection. I also had good luck with non-maternity tops: just looking for longer, stretchy t-shirts. Good luck!

  7. Wow. In London? Really? New York has a bunch of maternity shops. I saw one the other day on Madison Ave, NY’s high couture venue. There are a couple in our (decidedly lower couture) neighborhood.

  8. We have one main maternity store up here plus $$$ boutiques and some online options, like asos, Gap and old navy. We need more options in Canada and the U.K.!

  9. mummylass says:

    Try ASOS, I bought the majority of my clothes from there πŸ˜‰

  10. I encountered the same problem, and I won’t even get into trying to find something that isn’t pink and frilly or flowery. Most of the stuff is online as well. And expensive as hell! So my wife got to work, and went onto FB consignment pages, and FB online tag sales. She was able to get me LOADS (3 black industrial garbage bags full) of maternity clothes ABSOLUTELY FREE! We had to pick it up, and another family met us half way, but still, i would rather spend $20 in gas for 13 pairs of maternity work pants, 7 pairs of maternity jeans and 14 shirts than the $700 it would have cost me to purchase them. Best part was, being able to sort through the stuff I considered wearable and more my style, and then paying it forward, and posting the left overs in the tag sale group for another mom to be to come pick it. You should look into it!

  11. Reading your story makes me smile as I can relate to it. Topshop is way too expensive! As I remembered, I only have few maternity items and some of them are second handed. Anyway, I believe there are wide ranges of online stores selling maternity clothes. If you need help, I’ll be happy to search it for you. Just let me know! πŸ™‚

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