Third Trimester!

Last Friday we hit twenty seven weeks pregnant and entered the realms of the third trimester. I find it amusing to remind Amy every so oftent hat this is the last trimester before we meet our baby girl. How exciting!


So, where are we at? We’re just chugging along really. There’s a few things we still need to get for little miss Eden, and there’s some lovely things that family have said they are going to pick up for us. Not to mention the fact that she has blankets coming from all over the world, and Amy’s grandmother is getting a blanket made to a pattern that her late husband used to use to make a blanket for all the family babies. Eden is already a very loved and very spoiled little girl! We’re also doing a pretty good job of building a nappy and wipe arsenal and her nursery is almost complete.

New ImageEverything seems to be going ok for me as well. Sleep is fine, except for Loki’s numerous “desperate” toilet trips in the middle of the night, but Amy and I take turns with that so it’s not too bad. I was expecting more hip pain, but the pregnancy pillow seems to have kept that at bay. My “would be UTI” from my last dr appointment turned out to not be a UTI after all, so no need for antibiotics. Heartburn is kicking my ass, but I can deal with that. I’m monitoring my blood pressure every day at home and I really do think I have a case of white coat syndrome as my clinic readings are quite a bit higher than my at home ones. It’s good because it means I have a good amount of readings to show the midwife at my next appointment. I’m also glad that it doesn’t seem like we need to medicate it right now. If we do in the future, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. But right now it’s staying under 140/90, so I’m happy.

Little miss moves ALL THE TIME at the moment. A mixture of kicks and wiggles and flipping. I’m pretty convinced that she’s transverse at the moment as I often feel her at either side of my bump at the same time. We will find out what position she’s in next Monday, though, as we have a growth scan at the hospital. We’re both looking forward to seeing her and seeing how much she has grown. On Tuesday (06/10) we have a 4D scan at Apeekaboo Imaging, which is where we had our Gender Scan at 16+5. I’m hoping Eden will let us see her little face.

So that’s twenty seven weeks and the start of the final trimester of Eden’s journey as an indoor baby! It feels like we have so little time, but at the same time it feels like forever until we meet her.

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2 Responses to Third Trimester!

  1. Awww time really does fly! third trimester already!? Congrats ladies! xoxo

  2. Wow – your pregnancy has been moving along so fast – chugging is definitely the right word. I am so glad you won’t need to medicate for BP. And yeah, it looks like WCS. I have unnaturally low blood pressure and it gets really low when I run consistently, so I always get lectured about fainting. Unless you’re 110/80 I guess you’re gonna hear something!

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