My Fertility Specialist Magazine and Our Fertility Story

I was asked to contribute an article for the free, online My Fertility Specialist magazine, and I’m delighted to let you know that you can now read my article as the latest issue is now available.

If you don’t know about the magazine yet, the founder is a lady who battled with infertility for six years before her dream was realised, and her daughter was born following her third ICSI cycle. Her vision for the magazine is that it helps people who find themselves struggling to conceive, by providing relevant, correct, up to date information that they can then research further if they wish.   

Apart from my fantastic article, there is loads more for you to read, so I do urge you to have a look here: 

 If you have read previous issues, login in here:

I have to say, writing it all down was incredibly difficult and incredibly therapeutic at the same time. I know what we have been through is nothing compared to some, but seeing it all on black and white was a little humbling. We’ve come so far to get to where we are.

Anyhow, hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

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