Getting The Nursery Ready

Yeah, I know, we’ve maybe peaked a little early on this one!

Last week Amy’s dad kindly drive us to IKEA so that we could pick up all of Eden’s furniture. Amy had spent some time scouring the website and had decided exactly what we wanted for our baby girl’s room. I was looking forward to the experience, having never been to IKEA before. Yes… I am rather easily entertained. Before we went, we had started painting the room after removing much of the absolutely vile textured wallpaper – and LOOK at the beautiful green colour that was underneath. Vomit! 11255083_10155742831830580_1930766471451648780_n

We first had cake and coffee, which is obviously very important before diving in to the madness, and then we headed right in. What an adventure. Croydon on a Sunday afternoon… I was worried about the store being busier than it was, or people just being plain idiots, but it wasn’t so bad. We were able to amble around quite easily, finding everything that we were looking for and writing it down on our little pad – as well as picking up more than a couple *ahem* of pencils on the way around. 11846729_10155856570770580_6377799597043333717_n

Before long the mission was complete and the goods were all packed into the car. Amy’s dad very kindly paid for some of the bits that we got – which was a lovely surprise and very much appreciated. We headed to a local hardware store for the pink paint that we had been looking for and then dropped into Mothercare as well for a mooch – because who can bypass a giant Mothercare store? We then headed home via Mcdonalds and got everything into the house.

Now, if you need to know anything about my wife, it’s that once she gets an idea in her head, she runs with it. She was absolutely desperate to start getting the furniture up, but I insisted on her finishing the painting first. Soon, the walls were a solid white and the room was sporting a lovely pink border – the colour being called “merry go round” as our original choice of “fairy dust” wasn’t suitable for wood… After a couple of coats of pink and some tidying up of edges, plus the addition of pretty bunting,it was finally time to start getting furniture up. 11855745_10155985519400171_4533857766354118377_n

Over the next few days I came home to various bits of furniture being put up in the nursery. Amy is a woman on a mission when it comes to stuff like this! First, the wardrobe went up…11825791_10155991562505171_648519929709218802_n

It is nice to have somewhere finally to store all of the things we’ve been accumulating for little miss! I have to admit, it is looking a little full already, but a lot of those things will move into drawers and such once they are up. After the wardrobe, the cot made and entrance, followed by a storage unit and a rug.

11846601_10156002996755171_5652539147284063025_nThe dogs aren’t massively impressed with the transformation, but they are part of the reason for it going in early. We wanted them to get used to things that mean baby is coming. They’ve been very good. Usually Loki thinks absolutely everything is his, but he’s been very respectful of this new place and the things in it. Misty has been a sweetiepie as usual.

11258254_10156002996540171_2067010443987410803_nSo, there’s the first views of the room that will be Eden’s. We still have some work to do on it. There are lights to be put up and other furniture bits to be added, but it’s definitely getting there. At twenty one weeks pregnant (today!) I’m glad we’re getting off the starting blocks early. I want her place ready for her as soon as possible because then it’s one less thing to worry about!11885089_10156002996350171_4862994625693387081_n

Now to start filling those drawers with an arsenal of nappies and wipes, and accumulating enough newborn clothes to survive several changes a day. At the moment we have a lot of 0-3, 3-6 and 6-9, so I want to pick up a few more newborn things as well as a selection of bodysuits and such.

We’re getting there. How exciting!

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9 Responses to Getting The Nursery Ready

  1. it looks great!!! aww Eden she’s already so loved!

  2. Super cute room and the puppies look so darn happy!

  3. Look at that puppy so proud to have a picture taken! Looks great!

  4. Very chic, the dogs approve, too 🐶🐩🐺🐕

  5. mamaetmaman says:

    I love it! Looking good so far 🙂

  6. ab75 says:

    Look at Loki’s big smile!!!
    The rooms looking good xx

  7. mrsaligators says:

    Love how it’s come together and how excited you but are! Putting together the nursery is one of my fondest memories from pregnancy. I really like the banner you have put up…so fun and sweet!

  8. lesbemums says:

    You think you know someone and then they tell you they’ve never been to IKEA. Tsk tsk.

    Just like Sharon! As soon as our furniture arrived she started building and never stopped. Lol.

    Looks gorgeous by the way – so so cute. She’s one lucky little girl. X

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