20 Weeks! Half Way, Misbehaving Babies and Names!

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant! Little girl is apparently the size of a banana or a whoopie cushion, depending which site you are reading. She apparently has everything that she will have when she is fully grown, just in miniature size. I’ve been feeling her kick really often – sometimes she kicks and I think “what’s that?” before remembering it’s our little girl. Amy also felt her from the outside in the last few days too, which was awesome!


We had our 20 week scan last week and as usual she was a drama llama and refused to get into the position that the sonographer wanted her in to get the measurements that she needed. After much jumping up and down, drinking fizzy drinks, having shocolate and overfilling my bladder, the sonographer eventually gave up and said that we would need to rebook. So, we’re going back in just under two weeks when she is a little bit bigger. The sonographer said she’s fine and is measuring on target, but couldn’t get some of the fiddlier measurements.

20week Every time we see her, I can’t believe how big she has got! She was moving around like a crazy thing in there and was waving her arms around and putting her hands in her mouth. It was lovely to see her again and I’m excited to see her in just under two weeks to get the rest of her measurements. They told us that she’s breech at the moment, but on research I realised that it doesn’t really make much difference which position she is in at the moment – she still has 20 weeks to get into the right position for her exit!

We’ve let people know her name finally. It’s been picked out for a VERY long time, so itNew Image was lovely to finally have someone to use it. Her name is Eden Violet. Eden after someone who Amy and I admire very much and who has been a great inspiration in the past, and Violet was my mother’s middle name. I absolutely adore this name and hope it suits our little girl as well as we think it will. We wanted a name that was unusual but not too unusual, and something that had meaning behind it. A lot of people said we “should” be naming her “Jean Violet” after my mum, but her name was picked out a long time before those making this suggestion even knew she existed.

Inimage1 the last week we have also changed hospitals, but that is in need of a whole seperate post, I think! So, I will try and get that up over the weekend. Here’s my nineteen week bump picture as I haven’t done the 20 week one as of yet. As you can see, it is now looking a lot more like “bump” and a lot less like “flab”.

Anyhow, hold on Eden! We are half way there and only four weeks until viability! We’re buying her furniture this week and getting some more work done on the nursery. Everything is all getting a bit real on this crazy ride!

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5 Responses to 20 Weeks! Half Way, Misbehaving Babies and Names!

  1. awellthoughoutchoice says:

    This is the second Eden I have met this week.

  2. Isn’t it wild that we are more than HALF WAY?! Wowza!

  3. Yeay! She’s adorable and that’s a lovely name

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