Eighteen Weeks!

Today we are eighteen weeks pregnant.

Baby girl is apparently the size of a sweet potato, which for those who don’t know (me included!) is about six inches long. She weighs around 8.5oz, which seems huge when just fourteen weeks ago she was the size of a poppy seed! It seems insane that we’ve known that she is a girl for almost two weeks now.

We’ve been getting used to calling her by her name and I’ve started to feel more frequent kicks and wiggles. They’re still very soft and very sporadic, but they’re definitely her. It’s amazing to feel and a little unnerving at times. A couple of times she has stopped me in my tracks, but it always makes me smile! I can’t wait for Amy to be able to feel her too.

Our anatomy scan is just over a week away on August 4th, when I will be 19+4, so we are very much looking forward to seeing our lovely little lady again and checking out how she has grown since we last saw her. After that scan we’re going to get nursery furniture and getting started on the space that will be all hers. We’ve ditched the Dr Seuss theme and will be going for pink, princesses and Disney!

Today is also one hundred days since the pregnancy test was positive. It seems like forever, and yet it seems like five minutes ago. That moment was filled with so much joy and so many nerves, and every day that we get closer to viability (24 weeks) Amy and I both thank our lucky stars that our little girl is thriving.

Stick with us little girl. We’re in for quite the adventure! Maybe mummy will tell her blog readers your name soon.

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  1. moderatemum says:

    Oooh that’s exciting! We picked a name at 20 weeks and it was nice to be able to use it.

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