Second Trimester

That’s right – SECOND TRIMESTER! We are now almost sixteen weeks into this pregnancy and I really have no idea where the time has gone.

Between finding out at three weeks and three days and about eight weeks, the time really REALLY dragged. I think that was partly because we were awaiting our scan at 7+5 to make sure that everything was alright with our little Chip. Since then, things have flown. Especially with being put three days ahead at our twelve week scan.

I’ve been really lucky so far. Plenty of nausea, but I’ve only actually vomited five times since we found out. The nausea was worse up until about nine weeks, then disappeared completely before coming back with a vengeance at twelve weeks and sticking around until fourteen weeks. I only get nauseous now when I’m hungry, so grazing helps with that. The only other major symptom I’ve had is tiredness. I could quite happily sleep all day long and regularly take naps on the sofa. Working five days a week has become challenging, but thankfully my job isn’t very difficult at all, so I can take it easy if I need to.

We’ve found baby lots of times on the home Doppler, which I love! It’s so reassuring in the many weeks between scans to just be able to check in with baby and hear that they’re safe and well. I’ve also felt what I think are the very beginnings of movement, which is exciting and I can’t wait to feel more of them in the coming weeks! 

It’s crazy to think that we are over a third of the way through this pregnancy! We’ve started thinking about the nursery, which we will start soon. Thankfully, our landlord is totally fine with us decorating, which means we can remove the absolutely hideous textured wallpaper and make everything a little smoother. We’ve been thinking about a Dr Seuss theme, which I love the idea of. 

In terms of buying things, we have a few bits and bobs. We still haven’t totally cut loose with buying things. I’m not sure why. We’ve got a few little outfits, some books and a dog teddy which Amy picked out. We’ve also inherited a travel system from Amys cousin (Via Amy’s Dad), which is one less “big” purchase to worry about. At some point soon we will start looking at nursery furniture – I think that’s when shit starts getting REALLY real.

So, not much to say really! To be honest, I think I’m still in shock that this is actually happening for us. It still doesn’t seem quite real that we have reached the second trimester. It still doesn’t seem real that in a week, we will know whether it is our son or daughter hanging out in there and will be able to call them by their name. It definitely doesn’t seem real that by 2016, we will finally be holding the baby that we have waited so very long for.

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8 Responses to Second Trimester

  1. It’s so exciting hitting the second trimester! I’m glad this worked out for you guys and that so far this pregnancy has been so easy for you too, hopefully that continues. We didn’t buy the kiddos anything until after 20 weeks so don’t feel weird.

  2. Im so excited for you both! You have no idea! I’m excited to find out if Chip is a boy or a girl! That’s gonna be awesome!

  3. Chelle says:

    Congratulations again and hopefully the shock will wear off soon!

    Thanks for linking to #blogbumpclub

  4. Congratulations! Second trimester is exciting! Those little flutters are scary cool. I’m 31 weeks and I’ve just woken up my partner to tell him that we absolutely must go to Ikea today as I need the changing table in the house. Good luck!

  5. teentweentoddler1 says:

    Oh it’s so exciting! I love the idea of a Dr Seuss nursery. I am feeling sick a lot to and grazing is definitely helping. Good luck with the 20 week scan x

  6. So pleased to hear you have reached the second trimester, and that your nausea is wearing off. Grazed has helped me get through the worst days.

  7. So exciting! Congratulations!

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