Twelve Week Scan! We Made It!

Yesterday was our twelve week scan. Officially we were 12+4, but here they like to do it between 11+3 and 14+3, so we were right in the middle. I have to say that, even though we had seen Chip twice already on scan and have a home doppler, we were both still very nervous. This part of pregnancy is is hard because there’s no indicator other than scan that they are ok. No movements, nothing really.

We got to the hospital a little early and waited. I had been told to arrive with a full bladder, so was working on that as we waited. By the time our appointment rolled around I was desperate for the toilet, and of course they were running late! I curbed the water drinking and about twenty minutes after our scheduled time, we were called in. Only to find that… my bladder was too full! I was asked to go and empty it “about half way”, which I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage to do, but I got there in the end.

I went back in and the sonographer showed us Chip, who was doing just fine and moving a little. I was amazed to see that it actually looked like there was a baby in there with limbs! LIMBS! The sonographer first confirmed that Chip was measuing just fine, but had a lot of trouble getting the NT measurement, so we did some moving around and coughing, but Chip did NOT want to cooperate. Eventually we were sent out to go for a walk and come grootback.

We took a wander around the hospital and I had some chocolate and a sweet drink as well as jumping around and generally trying to wake the baby up! We were soon called back in and as soon as the probe went onto my stomach, baby Chip was there and very much awake. Amy joked that they were doing an impression of dancing baby Groot, which was pretty accurate the way their little arms were waving around!

Eventually the sonographer did get the NT measurement – 1.6mm which is totally normal and is a great sign. We’re still awaiting bloods results but all fingers are crossed that Chip is as healthy as they can be.

Chip was also measuring a little ahead of my dates at thirteen weeks exactly, so they changed our due date. That’s right, the little booger is now due on CHRISTMAS DAY! I have to say this will be the best Christmas EVER if Chip shows up that day. Amazing. It also means that (depending which book you read) we have skipped off into the second trimester!

So, after dancing and jumping and eating and drinking and LOTS of scanning, we got our photographs of our little baby and headed out. We’re both so glad that all is going well with our little person and can’t wait to see them again on July 15th when we will find out who is in there – Pheobe? Or Pheobo? (not actual name choices!)


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5 Responses to Twelve Week Scan! We Made It!

  1. We’re so excited for you both… Look after yourselves, we’re looking forward to the next instalment xxxx

  2. Penny Lane says:

    So very happy for you both, just fantastic xx

  3. Curious B says:

    Yay, so excited. I’d never be able to only half empty my bladder, I can barely hold anything in!

  4. mummylass says:

    Great! No nub visible so no clues haha

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