Getting That Big Fat Positive After Loss

(After our announcement, I wanted to share some posts that I wrote before we announced. So, the next few posts will be from my “drafts” folder)

This cycle was like any other. With the addition of clomid, I knew we had a slightly better chance at conception. But this was my second cycle of clomid, so it was quickly losing its shine and I was wondering if it was even going to work at all.

On cycle day sixteen I got a positive OPK. This is VERY early for me, and luckily superhero donor was available, so we got a first donation in that day. My temperature didn’t rise the following day or the day after, so we got another donation on what I suspect was ovulation day. The next day my temp shot up! And it continued to shoot up for the following three days, reaching temperatures higher than usual for me.

I did have a couple of drops during my wait, but when my temperature went UP on nine days post ovulation, which is rather unusual for me, I started to get the feeling something was up. I had tested at eight days post ovulation and Amy and I were both sure we could see a squinter, but wrote it off for the moment.

The evening of nine days post ovulation, we tested again. VERY faint line. Faint, but definitely present. My period was due the following day, so we decided to wait it out and see what happened. The morning of 10dpo we got a lovely line on a First Response test and “Pregnant 1-2” on a Clearblue digital test. We were officially on the baby train again! We found out at three weeks and three days pregnant!

We made the decision early on to not announce straight away this time. Not out of superstition, but more due to the need to keep it private for a little bit. Because of the loss last time, we wanted to keep it to ourselves. Partly because people’s reactions were so odd and different when we lost Squishy. People didn’t know what to say and some even seemed to have an “I told you so” attitude, which was very hard to deal with. So, we kept it to ourselves.

Over the next few days followed many more positive pregnancy tests and the start of our newest adventure.

We booked an early scan for 7+5, started taking progesterone suppositories (butt bullets as I love to call them!) as directed by the dr and tightly crossed our fingers. At the moment everything is scary. Sore boobs are not scary… cramps are very scary. Every time I go to the loo I have a check for blood. Sometimes I feel like I’m bleeding and have to run to check, but not a drop so far. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Hoping that baby “Chip” is our take home baby. Due date December 28th 2015.

(This post was written at around 5 weeks pregnant)

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10 Responses to Getting That Big Fat Positive After Loss

  1. I told you so??? That is so awful! I think some people are just a-holes, and everyone has a different understanding of miscarriage. I had to ask a couple friends of mine to just stop bringing the subject up after I had mine because I wasn’t interested in discussing it with them. Even though one even had a miscarriage before, her emotional experience was clearly much different than mine. Anyway… I completely understand you wanting to keep it to yourselves for the first little while. Congrats again!

    • Thanks lovely. No one actually said that out loud but we got that feeling from some people. The ones that had said “it’s bad luck to announce before 12 weeks” or “don’t buy stuff! That’s bad luck!”. Yes because miscarriages happen because parents tell people or buy booties!
      We had the opposite problem that nobody wanted to talk about it when we desperately did. It was like a “non thing” that didn’t matter. All the people that were so excited when we told them suddenly went cold on us.

      • Yeah it’s just hard all around. I’m sure I’ve unintentionally said the wrong thing before too. It’s hard because outsiders want to show their love & concern, but the insiders all experience loss so differently… There really isn’t a perfect thing to say.

      • I agree it’s hard. I always think “I’m sorry for your loss. Are you ok?” Ticks all of the boxes

  2. Curious B says:

    Hope everything goes well with no reason for concern.

  3. firstooth says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and I’m sorry for your loss, I hope everything goes smoothly for you and we can see pics of your cutie over Xmas x

  4. Laura I am so incredibly happy for you!!

  5. lesbemums says:

    “Squinters”. lol. Love it.

    Congratulations again, lovelies. I’m am more than happy for you guys. Xxx

  6. girl2mum says:

    The running to the loo thinking something is up doesn’t go away unfortunately. There’s always something to worry about after a loss. 36 weeks and I still won’t believe this is real until he is in my arms.

    Really looking forward to reading all of your updates. 😀 xx

  7. Penny Lane says:

    OMG!!!! The post we’d all been hoping for!!! YAY!!! Congratulations! So happy!! Can’t wait to read about your ongoing pregnancy. Best news I’ve had for ages! Just awesome!!!

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