Cycle Twenty Four…

Cycle twenty four is a go! I got my period yesterday. Amy and I were both a little gutted, but the massive temp drop that had showed up that morning prepared us for the inevitable period.

I got progesterone numbers. I had progesterone drawn on what turned out to be 6dpo, thanks to fertilityfriend changing my chart. So the numbers were 29.9. Apparently in the UK, 30 or above is considered ovulatory and anything under 30 is considered borderline, but as my numbers are so close to thirty it is considered that I ovulated, which is great news. I’m going to call the Dr and see if I can get bloods for this cycle too, so that I can see if the numbers are similar on the second month of clomid.

Ovulating is a great start. I’m never confident about my left ovary, which is where the egg came from this cycle. I don’t get ovulation symptoms as strong as when I ovulate from the right hand side. I’m hoping this cycle is a right side ovulation. That’s the side Squishy came from, so I know there are good eggs that side. Overthinking it? Me? Maybe.

So, the plan for this month is pretty much the same as last month. 50mg clomid days two to six. I’ll be continuing with my prenatals from NurtureMe and continuing the spearmint tea. We’ll be inseminating from when OPKs become nearly positive until after the temp rise. This month will be one of hopefully healthy eating as well.

We’re moving house in a week from now, so looking forward to the fresh start that comes with a fresh house. We were both originally very sad to have to move out of here, but we’ve got to a point now where we just can’t wait to go. Hopefully, once we are settled in there will be some semblance of normality back in our lives!

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6 Responses to Cycle Twenty Four…

  1. DeCaf says:

    My system appears to be a lefty the left tube was completely clear, the right needed extra fluid to get opened, and my left ovary is where my largest follicles were for both of the last cycles.

    The human body is weird.

    πŸ™‚ Congrats on ovulation being confirmed! Also, FF is sometimes off by a day or so, it’s not 100% accurate.

  2. Good luck to you both – you’re doing amazingly to keep motivated, I know how hard it is. Hope the move goes well too x

  3. Good luck! Sounds like you’ve got a great plan in place. Good luck with the move too!

  4. zara says:

    Good luck this cycle!

    Do you think you might get better numbers if you get your progesterone done at 4-5dpo Instead? I know it’s always referred to as the “7dpo test” but it’s actually supposed to be the middle of your luteal phase and the dpo should be adjusted accordingly πŸ™‚

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