Hate the Wait…


My Fertility Friend Chart. Which is telling me… nothing!

Seven days post ovulation today and BORED! I absolutely detest the two week wait with every fibre of my being.

It’s the knowing… well… we know nothing really. I’m seven days post ovualtion, which means the little egg is either fertilised or a  long time dead. No way for me to tell until I get my period or a pregnancy test turns positive.

For the sake of keeping track, I wanted to note down that this month, oddly enough, I didn’t get sore boobs until six days post ovulation. Normally they show up as soon as I ovulate, which I usually take as a sign of a good ovulation. With the addition of clomid this month it kind of implies that I was reading the signs wrong. Also, the only other time I haven’t had sore breasts right from ovulation was the month I got pregnant. When did they show up that month? Six days post ovulation! I’m not taking that to mean anything other than I actually ovulated this month, as obviously the month I got pregnant I do know for sure that I ovulated.

I had progesterone bloods done, so fingers crossed I can wrangle the results of those from the closed claw of my GP in a little while. I will be interested to see what the results are like, given my history of a short luteal phase. I’m also interested to see if the “stronger” ovulation on clomid will cause a longer luteal phase. Of course, what I’m really hoping is that it causes a BFP, but I’ve been in this game long enough now to know that nothing is certain.

I’m worried about what happens if this doesn’t work. The chances are good, seeing as I got pregnant on my own, but I’m still worried. I have one more cycle of clomid 50mg and then my dr wants me to have a two cycle break then up my dose to 100mg. However, in this time I have to move house and therefore drs surgeries. We are moving ONE STREET outside of the catchment area. I did ask the question as to whether we could stay with them, but no bueno… I guess we will have to start all over with a new doctor, which is frustrating.

I just can’t wait for this to happen for us. I want the pregnancy. I would even take throwing up most days, the aches and pains and all of the drama and expense that goes with a baby. I just want our family and waiting with no control is by far the hardest thing in the world!


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11 Responses to Hate the Wait…

  1. mamaetmaman says:

    This pregnancy, my boobs didn’t get sore until later too. On my BFN’s they got sore sooner. I hope that is a sign of good things to come. When do you plan on testing?

  2. DeCaf says:

    I think early pregnancy symptoms vary so much, I wouldn’t worry about it.
    I think our cycles are only a couple days of this month I’m 5dpo.

  3. TryTryAgain says:

    Bless you, I’m 7DPO too so I know exactly how you’re feeling!!! Fingers crossed all round! xx

  4. Molly says:

    Fingers crossed for you! I hope the next few days fly by!

  5. mummylass says:

    I think you have some of the same problems we experienced with my partner when we tired to get her pregnant. She had a really short leutal phase and totally low progesterone. We considered Clomid via the GP as we weren’t entitled to fetillity treatment under a clinic as we already had children carried by me. We ultimately decided against it due to the risk of multiples or overstimulation without the cycle being monitored. Good luck and look forward to reading your story!

  6. Oooh new dr shopping is lame, esp for One Street! But hopefully you find someone great. Good luck with the rest of your wait, hang in there!!

  7. AbbyP says:

    Keeping everything crossed for you Laura!! I am also on my 2ww – following IVF and I think my test date is a couple of days after yours – so I will be keeping an eye out for you on Monday and keeping everything crossed for you too! xx

  8. AbbyP says:

    Hi Laura, how are you feeling. I am due to test on Wednesday and I am going OUT OF MY MIND!! I keep thinking of you and wondering how you’re feeling. I dont feel any different and have a nagging feeling that it hasn’t worked AGAIN… Still – I am not going to give into temptation and test early! Hope you’re full of PMA xx

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