That Amazing Moment When…

So, yesterday we had a VERY VERY dark OPK. I gave Superhero Donor a text and he confirmed that he could do later that night, which is great.  However, the positive OPK at that point was totally sod’s law. Here’s why.

As some of you know, I have found Ovusense very helpful for monitoring my temps and confirming ovulation. With the slightly unpredictable OPKs the last few months, being able to see the distinct rise has been wonderful. So, I’m chugging along happily using my ovusense every night and what happens? It breaks. I came to use it the other night and it just wouldn’t turn on. Great. Just before expected ovulation. I emailed the ladies at Ovusense and they arranged a new one for me, which arrived today, so thankfully there will be only a two day gap.

Back to last night. Superhero Donor came over, did his thing and left the cup on the bedside table. I was in the bathroom and Loki did his “I am up to Mischief” prance that he does. Usually it involves him stealing a sock from the washing pile and running around the house with it for a while. I went downstairs after him to see what he had and was absolutely mortified to see that it was the POT OF SPERMS! Imagine me, chasing this mischievous little dog around the house whilst he playbows and leaps into the air with glee at what a snealy little munchkin he is being. I was just praying that the cup didn’t split in his mouth (“dog ate your sperm!”) or the lid come off (sperm on the carpet!)! Thankfully that didn’t happen and I was able to retreive the donation and inseminate as planned.

I think he was just trying to keep them warm… but I wonder how the sperm felt about the impromputu joyride!

We are doing inseminations pretty much every other day over the coming days until I see a sustained temp rise and we know for sure that ovulation happened. With us using the clomid this month, we are determined to keep all of our bases covered no matter how stupid the OPKs are being.

Oh, also. We got the house! Yay! Moving at the end of the month!

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11 Responses to That Amazing Moment When…

  1. DeCaf says:

    Ugh, that sounds horrible, the part with Loki. I’m glad it didn’t get anywhere. Honestly the thing I like most about working with an RE is that we don’t have to handle that stuff at all anymore.

  2. awellthoughoutchoice says:

    That was the best post EVER. Picturing your dog running around with your cup made my day. I hope this cycle is successful because this story must be retold again and again.

  3. awellthoughoutchoice says:

    Reblogged this on Artificial sounds so clinical and commented:
    I had to share this, too funny.

  4. bellelucecille says:

    This made me laugh. Our little fur family members can be helpful. Too funny.
    I’m currently waiting for OvuSense to be available in Australia (should be the next two weeks) to help me pin point ovulation better as I have PCOS. Please tell me it is truly amazing. How have you found using it? Good luck for this cycle.

    • I have reviewed previously
      I wouldn’t say it was amazing. It hasn’t predicted my ovulation correctly for three months and it didn’t confirm it until 5dpo last cycle. Personally, I think it’s a clever machine but it doesn’t do anything that you can’t do with a £3 thermometer

      • bellelucecille says:

        Sorry I read that post after I commented.
        I’m pretty hopeless at temping as I get up super early and my partner has later starts. She is a light sleeper and I find disrupted sleep can often cause world war 3. Lol.
        I like the idea what it’s great for PCOS suffers but I’m a little hesitant to buy it now that it’s not actually predicting your ovulation until it’s happened. My understanding is that it would provide you your most fertile days in advance. I wonder if the website is misleading a little.

      • I think that’s what it is supposed to do and what it does do for many women, but it hasn’t worked so far for me.

  5. What CD are you? When did you take the last Clomid pill? I ask because if you take an OPK within 2-3 days after your last dose it will turn very dark positive but it’s false.

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