It’s been a busy week or so in Laura and Amy land. I’ve been absent from the blogosphere, although tweeting as uaual @forgotthesperm. Here’s your latest dose of far too much information.  

Last week I ended up in the urgent care centre at the hospital I work in thanks to some heavy bleeding from my backside. That was scary. It’s difficult, because having worked for the emergency services I have an acute awareness of how bad these things can get. What I often have trouble remembering is that most of the time, things don’t get that bad. Quick exam with the dr, who could find absolutely nothing wrong. She told me that if it continues, see my GP. But there’s been no reoccurrence so fingers crossed it won’t show up again. Needless to say, having to tell my manager why I wanted to go to the Urgent Care Centre wasn’t my finest moment!


Me and My Two Younger Sisters

Anyhow, moving on from bum related news! This weekend I went up to my dad’s house for my grandmother’s eightieth birthday party. It was a nice enough evening and was lovely to see everyone – especially my grandmother who is still going great at eighty years young. I’m always surprised when going home at how things change but yet stay the same. Dad has had an extension built on the house, which meant I had NO CLUE where I was when I went upstairs. My youngest sister has a boyfriend, which is hilarious to me because in my head she’s five… But all the same, even though I don’t get up there often, it’s like I never left. Next time I’m hoping we can get up there for alittle longer so that I can go and see more relatives and such.

Dodgy OPKS keep doing that annoying "one half is darker" thing

Dodgy OPKS keep doing that annoying “one half is darker” thing

As we were away for the weekend, we got a donation last Thursday (cycle day 17). I had fertile mucus and things were starting to look very much like ovulation was soon. I had a positive OPK first thing Saturday morning, so I was assuming that I would get my temp rise today. But it didn’t show up. Consequently, we will be having another donation tonight and I’m hoping the rise in temeratures will attive tomorrow on cycle day twenty two. Again this is very similar timing to the month that we caught with Squishy, so it’s good to know that we have a chance.

It means since starting to rink spearmint tea, I have had positive OPKS on cycle day nineteen, cycle day thirteen and cycle day eighteen this month. I love that my cycles are shorter. I’ve stopped metformin, as that was doing nothing for anything and it absolutely amazes me that something as simple as spearmint tea seems to be making my cycles a little more regular. Fingers crossed that if I don’t get pregnant this cycle, that the clomid and spearmint will do the trick next cycle. Event hough I haven’t caught in the last few months, just the fact that spearmint is shortening my cycles is fantastic.

So, that’s our update. I have some wicked right sided pain at the moment, so I’m thinking that ovulation is underway. It feels like a right sided ovulation. which is the side Squishy came from. Fingers crossed that either the sperm who are hopefully still waiting or the new batch going in tonight does the trick!

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11 Responses to Updating…

  1. pervicax says:

    Do you only drink the tea leading up to Ov or allllll cycle?

  2. DeCaf says:

    I’m glad mint tea is effective for you. I’ve been drinking it regularly for the past couple months. I am also taking inositol. Hoping everything works this month for both of us.

  3. Have you heard of Fertilitea from fairhaven.com? It has spearmint in it along with a bunch of other herbs said to help regulate cycle. It worked well for me but I also too the fertilaid multivitamin with it. My cycles got much more regular.

  4. I second the inositol too and COQ10.

  5. Maybe you should try a new brand of opk?

    • I think i have a bad batch. Ige used these ones the whole time and it’s only this batch that is doing this, might change when we run out though. Thankfully its still obvious when they’re positive, but if i was a first timer i would imagine I’d be out of my mind!

      • I find it odd that your getting multiple positives in one month though. My RE told me if this happened it meant one or more of those is false due to hormone fluctuations. I’ve had good and bad batches of the cheapie too, it sucks when they are off. I’ve always sent them back for a refund though lol.

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