REVIEW – Ovusense Fertility Monitor (Part One)

I have recently been trialling the Ovusense Fertility Monitor by Fertility Focus. Having been trying for twenty two cycles now, I am open to trying new things, and I was very excited to see that this product was recommended for women with conditions such as PCOS.

This is part one. Part two is HERE

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Stock Photograph

Ovusense say “OvuSense is a new, highly accurate fertility monitor.  OvuSense consists of a personal sensor and a data reader. The sensor is placed in the vagina (similar to a tampon) overnight – the only place where accurate readings of core body temperature can be made.  OvuSense uses patented technology to measure core body temperature every 5 minutes, inside the vagina, while you sleep, providing you a complete picture of your personal cycle. OvuSense predicts ovulation in real-time in each cycle, and detects the exact day of oulation with 99% accuracy.  In just two weeks, OvuSense can tell you when you are going to ovulate, and then calculate the exact day for you with 99% accuracy. Only OvuSense can calculate this much personal information about your cycle with this much accuracy.”

 chartI was excited to receive the monitor and when it showed up, it didn’t disappoint. The kit contains the machine itself, the vaginal sensor and instructions as well as a mains charger. I immediately plugged the machine in to charge, ready to use the following day. I also joined up to the Facebook Group that Ovusense runs, which gives access to troubleshooting, a fertility nurse and coach and a nutritionist – a very helpful group indeed. The machine and package that goes with it retails at £295 one off, or they have several payment plan options to make the machine affordable.

One thing I had worried about was the idea of using a vaginal sensor during my period. I don’t even use tampons and I thought it would be a lot of mess, but I was relieved to see that it is not recommended to be used whilst on your period – phew! So, once my period was out of the building I started using the sensor. Me and Amy did have a giggle at the irony of the fact that the internal sensor does look somewhat like a sperm…

The sensor is very easy to insert and fairly comfortable. I did find that it slips out occasionally, but that is a small gripe for me. No sensor will be perfect for everyone as weimage1 are all obviously anatomically different. Anyhow, I digress. If you all remember last cycle, it was filled with thrills and spills, with two separate sets of positive OPKs over five days. With regards to this – THANK GOODNESS FOR OVUSENSE! Thanks to the monitor I was able to accurately see when I ovulated after getting donations around my +opk days. It is a lot more accurate than plain old temping as the sensor takes your temperature every five minutes during the night, so you can be sure that the temperature that shows up is a true reflection of your core body temperature. This was great for me last cycle as we were dealing with puppy drama and he often got us up throughout the night It meant that getting up and going out into the garden with the pup didn’t affect my temperature reading as it would have done had I just been using a basal thermometer on waking.

image2Unfortunately, the sensor did not predict ovulation for me. The day after I ovulated, the sensor informed me that I was in my ovulation window, which was disappointing as ovulation had clearly already passed. At three days post ovulation, the machine confirmed ovulation for cycle day fifteen, which is when I thought it had been all along. So, for the first cycle at least I wouldn’t recommend the monitor on its own as a way to predict ovulation. Without the OPKs I would have been inseminating 2-3 days after I actually ovulated if I had been following the monitor. The Ovusense reps on the group peddle the message that OPKs are innaccurate for many women with PCOS – their figure is “as high as 75% – but obviously I am not one of this number. I spoke to the fertility Nurse/Coach who is part of the Ovusense package (although is independent) and she assured me that looking for other fertility signs such as cervical secretions will help give warnings as to when ovulation is about to occur as well as the monitor. image3

One of the things I like about Ovusense is that it doesn’t just use the data from previous cycles to churn out the same ovulation stats for each month. If your body is doing something different, it will predict based on what your temperature is doing THAT cycle, not based on previous cycles, which is very helpful – particularly for those of us with PCOS.

I’m not ready to write off Ovusense as of yet. I am continuing to use it this cycle and will be for at least the next few. For someone like me, who finds temping very inconvenient and doesn’t get a very stable pattern, being able to just insert the sensor and let it do its thing is great. It’s incredibly convenient and accurate in terms of temperature pattern. I look forward to seeing if it does a better job of predicting my ovulation this cycle. I do wish it would have some kind of gauge on there to tell me what each temperature is individually, but the team at Ovusense tell me that’s something they are working on.

More on Ovusense to come over the following cycles


You can buy Ovusense and read more about the payment options at

Disclaimer : I was provided with this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. This does not affect or influence my honest opinion of the product and my review is based on my personal experience and opinions.

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12 Responses to REVIEW – Ovusense Fertility Monitor (Part One)

  1. DeCaf says:

    It kind of sounds disappointing. Does it just use FAM? FAM is better than nothing but not completely accurate.

  2. MamaWannaBe says:

    I am intrigued but as DeCaf points out, it’s only showing the temps and that makes me hesitant to spend $300 on it. I do have the convenience of sperm basically on tap, but $300 buys a lot of OPKs! But then, babymaking gadget, exciting! I await further review! 🙂

  3. Pingback: REVIEW – Ovusense Real Time Fertility Monitor – Part Two | Laura and Amy's Making a Baby Adventure

  4. Sheen says:

    I have used Ovusense and found that it only gives an “indication” of ovulation but it wasn’t accurate for me. It doesn’t predict ovulation only tells you Ovulation after it has occurred.

    • That was pretty much the experience I had. The predictions weren’t accurate but the confirmation usually was – not that it was any use 5 days after ovulation had happened…

      • Sheen says:

        The confirmations from mine weren’t accurate either. I had a natural tracking cycle with scan and used Ovusense at the same time. This showed that the Ovusense confirmation was not correct!

      • See they used to go on and on about the fact that scans were the gold standard and that ovusense was AS ACCURATE as a scan. Interesting. Did you feed back?

      • Sheen says:

        It’s not! There was a lady querying about the accuracy on their Facebook group… she said it didn’t seem to be accurate for her. So I told her my experience. Shortly after, a group admin turned that discussion off to further comments. It looked like they weren’t interested!

        And they keep posting a blog with a review of all the different sensors … the blog says that Ovusense is the best sensor. The thing is that blog is written by the nurse who is working for Ovusense! So it is biased!

      • Oh thy do make me laugh. They used to delete anything with any kind of criticism or question in it.

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