On to Cycle 22…

Yup. My period came.

I had a complete me,town yesterday about everything, which ended in a hell of a lot of tears and a promise to Amy that I will talk to the Dr about antidepressants on Monday when I go in, I’ve been on anti-d’s before and they just level me out a little, which I really feel like I need at the moment as I feel like I am all over the place.

I’m hopeful that on Monday the Dr will prescribe clomid or refer me to a fertility specialist. Truth be told, I’m taking Amy with me and we won’t be leaving the office until we have a treatment pathway. I’m done now. This is cycle twenty two over all and cycle six since we lost Squishy. I was promised clomid three months ago and it’s about time we got this show on the road.

Also, I’m actually only nine days post ovulation. This concerns me. My period used to show up late on ten days post ovulation or early on eleven days post ovulation.then it started showing up mid way through ten days post ovulation. Now it has shown up on the evening of nine days post ovulation for the last two months. This is not good. This is not good at all. The drs here claim that luteal phase defect is not a thing, but I’m going to have a serious chat with them. How is an egg meant to be fertilised, grow, implant and make enough HCG to stop me starting my period when it only has eight full days to do so? Something else to discuss with the doctor.

If there’s one positive I can take from this cycle, it’s that my ovulation was brought forward quite a bit by spearmint tea, which is great. Ovulating sooner was one of the things I wanted to do, so it’s great that I have managed it through a natural remedy.

Now we just need to put the rest of the puzzle pieces in place.

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10 Responses to On to Cycle 22…

  1. AndiePants says:

    I’m so sorry to read this. I would definitely push for progesterone supplementation after ovulation. It’s pretty regular practice here for fertility clinics, and it certainly won’t hurt anything. I’m sending you good advocacy vibes that you can get what you need from the doc!!

  2. Molly says:

    I am so sorry. I agree with Andie–demand the progesterone! I hope you guys get some solid answers in the form of some good drugs this time!

  3. Penny Lane says:

    Im so sorry guys. Hope the dr can give you some meds and you can get things on track x

  4. Glad to hear the spearmint is working! Not so glad about everything else. I third (fourth?) the advice to push for progesterone if your luteal phase is that short. Anything under 10 DPO is really not good. :/

  5. I am so sorry. Lp defects are indeed real. I hope they do some investigation into it for you. It seems like your progesterone might be low.

  6. carolinep9 says:

    I agree, sounds like luteal phase defect to me. It’s what I got goin’ on (I’m 40). I was like clockwork until last year, I’m talking to the hour. “It’s 1:00 and my period just arrived on time!” For me, I was told Clomid would not help at all. I hope you get some solid answers tomorrow.

  7. Lisa says:

    Sorry to hear this!

    Have you considered specialist counselling or CBT over anti-d’s ? I’m not anti the anti-d’s but do feel like we should avoid throwing new chemicals into the mix, especially if there is a chance you will get Clomid or other fertility drugs. As you know the source of depression it may be that other methods could help you.

    Also, I’d recommend thinking about paying for ovarian reserve tests to check the quantity and quality of eggs. Having been referred to NHS fertility specialists we know that this isn’t something they check…..a hundred other intrusive tests without checking if your eggs are ok!

    All the best at the GP.

    • Ive had CBT and counselling in the past and will be continuing them, but the anti depressants do really help so im going to restart those for te moment as well. Its just nedical treatment for a medical condition.
      Im going to see about egg reserve and quality tests as that is one of my fears

      • Lisa says:

        I totally agree, it’s an illness and at times needs medicating.

        Yes, I think the test is around £100 at private clinics. We haven’t yet had it as my partners now been diagnosed woth endometrial hyperplasia (not picked up by fertility specialists at the NHS , founds by scan for fibroids completed at the GP surgery)

      • zara says:

        Your day 2-4 FSH is a good indication of ovarian reserve. Anything less than 7 is good I think. Other than that it’s AMH (anti mullerian hormone) but that’s only done privately!

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