The two week wait, is seems, is the best way to slow things down! The best way to make time feel like it is dragging like a big bitch! So, here we are. Six days post my earliest ovulation ever.

My temperature chart on Ovusense is looking like this at the moment…

Ovulation was very much confirmed by the rises after my second lot of positive OPKs, so I’m guessing the first lot were my body trying and failing to drop an egg. At least we managed it the second time, though. I’m not too thrilled with the two temp drops at five days post ovulation and six days post ovulation, but I’m constantly reminding myself that at this point, those drops mean absolutely nothing.

I had a look at some previous fertility friend charts to see if I have a pattern as such, as turns out I really don’t. These were pretty much the only two charts I could find (I don’t often temp) and they are from March 2014 and October 2012. Both are very different as you can see.



We had great timing this month, with donations about 36 hours before ovulation and on the day of ovulation, so if nothing else we know our bases are covered!

“Symptom wise” I have had sore boobs since the day I ovulated, cramps yesterday in the morning but none today and just feel generally unwell and shitty. I had blood taken yesterday (progesterone) and that made me feel like hell. I was sent home from work in the afternoon as I felt utterly horrendous – faint, dizzy, nauseous and headachy. I’m guessing that was bloods related as, although I ache everywhere today and have a massive bruise on my arm, I no longer feel dizzy or faint. I had some spotting yesterday at five days post ovulation, which is the exact point that I had spotting when we conceived last time, but again it could be something or nothing.

The thing I hate most about the two week wait is the uncertainty. Nothing is certain until the test shows two pink lines. But, whatever happens this cycle, at least I know I can ovulate at a “normal” time in my cycle. I’m hoping the spearmint tea will continue the early, strong ovulations for me so that at least each negative cycle takes less time!

AF due in four days. (Yes. I know I have a short luteal phase)

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4 Responses to 6dpo

  1. DeCaf says:

    I hope this is the month for you guys.

  2. That two week wait is a total bitch. The things you are reporting sound really promising though, the shitty feeling, the spotting, the bruising from blood work. I will send positive vibes! It sounds like you had excellent timing and that really are experts with this process. I am enjoying your blog, as I follow it. If you have not seen it yet, here is mine: http://lesbianbabyblog.blogspot.com/. Pass it along to others.

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