Dammit Body!

So, OPKs two days ago (Thursday) were positive. Then they went negative. The tonight threw me another curveball. Guess what?

Yup. More positive OPKs.
I’m hopeful to get another donation tomorrow – technically today as its 01.04am, but waiting to hear back from Superhero Donor in the morning.

You can try and play games, body, but I am one step ahead of you this cycle? Luckily we have a very patient donor who doesn’t mind my wacky cycles and tries to be as available as he can. It’s also lucky that I quite enjoy peeing on sticks!

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7 Responses to Dammit Body!

  1. Oh how frustrating to have it screw around on you like that! But like you said, good that your donor is patient. hopefully all these positive tests are a good sign, good luck!!

  2. DeCaf says:

    I had that happen on the first cycle I was charting (but I was only charting with OPKs). It kind of made me glad that I’m not charting temperatures, so it’ll be more clear which positive I ovulated after.
    The good news is, worse-comes-to-worse, fresh sperm last for days as long as you have fertile CM. The frozen stuff, you need to be more accurate with since it dies within a day.

  3. Geez! Thank goodness your donor is patient and available. Ive had that happen before (one month i had 19 positive opks in a row), and its frustrating. Good luck

  4. I had positive opk’s using that kind of test for most of my cycle when I first started trying. I panicked and ran to the doctor sure that I had some horrible affliction. She told me I was probably fine and to try the clearblue tests. Sure enough, I got positive smiley faces no more than two days for a given cycle. Don’t know if that is an option for you, but we nailed my weird cycles using them.

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