The Two Week Wait – or is it?

We got the donation last night. Superhero donor as ever was prompt and willing to help at short notice. I always thank my lucky stars that we have such a considerate, flexible donor. My cycles tend to be a little nuts and most donors want dates in advance, which is just not possible for me. Helps that we get on with him like a house on fire. and he doesn’t hate the dogs!

I’m not sure if the OPKs were definitely positive, but we definitely had two positives over two days (and about twelve negatives or clos to positive tests) so we decided to go for it and see what happens. Today I have a high cervix that I can’t feel the opening on as it is too high and a fair bit of egg white cervical mucus. My temp also dropped a little this morning, so lt’s see whether it goes up over the coming days!

We’ve agreed with Superhero Donor that if there are any more positive OPKs this cycle, we will do another donation. But for now we are just waiting to see what my temp does. I’m luckily that I am temping this month as I normally don’t. but having ovulation confirmed wil be very helpful when my body is being so unusual.

I’m not sure what has brought on the change in cycles. It might be the spearmint tea. It might be the change in job, which means I’m less stressed, working more regular hours and in general much, much happier.  Or it could be the better diet that I’ve been eating and the small amount of weight that I have lost. I don’t think it is metformin, as I was on it for a year in 2012 and it made barely any difference to my cycles – certainly not normalising them.

Anyhow, so as usual with this greatr baby making game – let’s wait and see!

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6 Responses to The Two Week Wait – or is it?

  1. B says:

    Good luck!! 😀

  2. I hope this is a random lucky cycle!

  3. slogan13 says:

    Good luck to you! It seems we are on the same TWW time frame, lots of well wishes to you!

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