Cd11 – Dr visit and ZOINKS!

This morning was my visit to the Dr. I came prepared having printed off the clinical guidelines for infertility referral and I came straight out and asked him to refer me to the hospital for tests.

The answer wasn’t what I expected. He told me he “doesn’t do fertility” and he wasn’t sure if I met the criteria. I got the criteria out of my bag and put it on his desk, co firming that I did indeed meet the criteria. He wasn’t interested. He dismissed my request and insisted on booking me an appointment to see his colleague who “does do fertility” in TWO WEEKS. He also told me that “cycle day 21 progesterone tests need to be done on cycle day 21. That’s why they’re called cycle day 21 tests.” Mmhmm
The bloods that I had done at 5dpo were back. Due to the Dr not filling in the form correctly, they hadn’t actually tested for progesterone. They tested for liver function, cholesterol and thyroid. Grrrrr!
I’m pissed. I fought HARD in this appointment but it was like banging my head against a brick wall, so I guess I will be waiting the extra two weeks and then six weeks on top of that for a hospital appointment.
I addressed by random bleeding with him and he completely dismissed it. He just told me “that happens.” No other questions, no offer of any investigation. So, it’s now been eleven days since the first day of my period and I am still bleeding. If it gets heavier I will be going back to the Dr and insisting on being investigated.
In other news, this showed up about twenty minutes ago.

Superhero Donor is on standby so tomorrow shall be donation day. I have never had a positive opk this early before! It’s only cycle day eleven!

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8 Responses to Cd11 – Dr visit and ZOINKS!

  1. Im so sorry that your doctor wasnt quite so prepared for your appointment. I hate when we want something done and it gets dismissed. Im proud of you for advocating for yourself. Hopefully the doctor gets you sent off and tested quickly

  2. DeCaf says:

    It’d have been nice if he could’ve communicated his limits before you went to the appointment.

  3. lezbemoms says:

    Exactly what decaf said. You came in (fairly) expecting things and if he wasn’t able or even willing to consider delivering them he should have said so.

  4. If youd like i can send you my last 5 clomid pills to tide you over since thats what youll be wanting. I know it goes without saying that a doctor should oversee you with Clomid plenty of doctors hand it over with no monitoring. Id like to help if i can.

  5. Changed my mind. drop me an email please x

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