Cd10 – Curveball?

It seems I just can’t get to grips with what my body is doing.

This month I have bled pretty much every day. There was my period, then there was spotting, now there is a red bleeding that is somewhere between spotting and a light flow. This is very unusual for me at this point in my cycle.

What is even more unusual is today’s opk. It’s the one on this side >>>>


It’s either almost almost positive or it is positive. I’m not sure. The one on this side <<< is last night's. This is very VERY unusual as the earliest that I have EVER got a + opk is cd18.

I have the donor on standby for if it turns fully positive tomorrow. Until then I remain confused!

As an aside, tomorrow morning I also have a Dr appointment, where I will be requesting a hospital gynaecology referral. Patient choice within the UK means that he can't say no, so I'm looking forward to getting that referral underway so that I can deal with actual specialists and not a GP with a superiority complex. I should also be able to get my progesterone numbers from last cycle, which should be interesting.

Anyhow, I will update tomorrow on the Dr appointment and OPK mystery.

What the hell, body? What the hell?

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5 Responses to Cd10 – Curveball?

  1. Molly says:

    Wow–total curve ball! Curious to see what happens tomorrow!

  2. Are you on any meds? Some meds like clomid and antibiotics can cause false positive opks.

  3. That’s really unusual, but my wife is very early in her pregnancy and she has been bleeding (not a lot, but she has been). There’s a chance that the pregnancy test is correct. Although, it is true that clomid or other medications can do this. Best of luck and keep us updated! If you want to check out my blog and/or pass it along to others…

  4. That’s very strange! Good thing that you have an appointment today so you can ask about that…Who knows! Maybe your cycle is getting a little more “regular”…

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