8dpo and 9dpo Big Fat Negative

This is why we don’t test early. This is it.

8dpo Test


9dpo Test


BFSN – big fat STUPID negative

Period is due tomorrow so we shall see if it shows up. If not I may test again on Monday. I think, at this point, my period will be showing up.

Symptom wise I still have sore boobs, I have the same cervical mucus as I had when I was pregnant and I haven’t had a spot breakout.

But as we all know, nothing is certain in this game!

Seems I wished on a shooting star and the wish came true for everyone but us. Fingers crossed we can join the rainbow baby club soon.

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14 Responses to 8dpo and 9dpo Big Fat Negative

  1. Dont give up just yet. I tested negative at 10 and 11dpo and got a blazing positive on 13dpo. I hope af doesnt arrive

  2. I hope Eventual Momma is right, but i know how you feel. I too am testing completely negative on Wondfos and FRERs at 9dpo. Xo

  3. TryTryAgain says:

    Aaaarghhh!!! I hate the waiting!! Fingers crossed for you xx

  4. I didn’t get a positive until 17dpo with my daughter, and my LP is normally max 12 days. It can surprise you! Hang in there!

  5. Lisa says:

    Is your LP Only 10 days? Is yes has it ever been longer?

    • Yes it is. No it hasn’t. I have concieved with it this length before, but i know its not ideal. My dr says theres nothing wrongg with it, but thatll be one of the questions i want to asl the specialists when i get referred. Im not happy with it

      • Lisa says:

        This is the same as me, my GP ignored me when I queried my 9/10 day LP in fact she seemed to not know what I was going on about. B12 increased mine by a day or two if I take it everyday without fail but I still think it’s too short.

        Interested to know how you get on with specialist but fingers crossed you won’t need the help (BfP in next few days for you I hope!)

      • Fingers crossed hun. B vitamins sent my cycle wacko! No ovulation until cd40 and normal 10 day LP

  6. DeCaf says:

    Retest tomorrow night if AF doesn’t show up. When did you get your first BFP the other time?

    • I will do. My first very faint bfp with squishy was 9pm on 9dpo, but i discounted it as a negative as it was SO faint and i wasnt sure if there as colour. Proper bfp was about 5/6pm on 10dpo. Even fhat was super faibt

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