8DPO – Christmas and Going Insane

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers and fellow bloggers! I hope today sees you filled with food and spending time with family.

We had a quiet Christmas Day yesterday. Just Amy, me and the dogs. We didn’t have gifts (can’t afford them at the moment after paying of Gizmo’s vet bill) but had a lovely day lounging around and had a great dinner.

We did that very British thing of watching the Queen’s speech. Thankfully she didn’t choose to wear fur this year as she did last year. Misty very much ended the speech…


So, all in all a nice enough day. Today we will be venturing out of hpt he house, but only because we’ve run out of fish food. No sales shopping for these ladies!

Two week wait wise, my mind is blown this month. I’m trying to go about my business and not let it take over, but you all know how it is. You’re walking along, minding your own business and all of a sudden you get a cramp. Then the brain floodgates open. “Omg. What if it’s implantation? What if I’m pregnant? Omg. When can I test if it is? We’re going to be mummies! But what if it’s my period? It probably is. It always is. We’re never having babies. F*ck you, body!” and so on and so forth.

Here’s the round up of “symptoms” this month. I find it useful to track these because then it’s easier to see what is different from month to month, but I’m pretty sure every two week wait is different anyway.

Cd18 – OPK almost + in PM
Cd19 – first +opk. Evening donation
Cd20 – O day – OPK + in morning. – by evening. Severe cramps up until around midday then nothing. Spotted red in evening,
Cd21 – 1dpo – upset tummy, cramps
Cd22 – 2dpo – cramps, Upset tummy, sore boobs
Cd23 – 3dpo – cramps, upset tummy, sore boobs, evening nausea
Cd24 – 4dpo – hungry, cramps, upset tummy, sore boobs, morning nausea
Cd25 – 5dpo – hungry, bloated, cramps, spot under nose
Cd26 – 6dpo – hungry, strong smelling pee, frequent urination, white cm
Cd27 – 7dpo – vivid dreams, frequent urination, white cm, waves of nausea, hunger, tired, some cramping but only intermittently
Cd28 – 8dpo – White cm, waves of nausea, cervix puffy but completely closed, mild cramping intermittently, very sore boobs, vivid dreams, tired.

So, who knows? Two more days to go and then we will know.

With regard to Dr “Duh”, I took things into my own hands. I had the bloods done on 5dpo at the hospital I work at. That was as close to 7dpo as I could manage as the bloods lab was closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The following day I went over the the women’s health department and spoke to them about whether I could be referred there for fertility testing and clomid even though I live out of the area. They said definitely, so I called my dr’s surgery and asked how I would arrange a referral. They advised to book an appointment and the Dr would do it for me, so I booked the next available appointment which just happens to not be with Dr Duh. I think I may also out in a complaint, but not until after all of this is sorted. Anyhow, the appointment is January 7th, so at least that is all set up regardless of whether I’m pregnant this month or not.

Have a lovely rest of the holiday season, everyone. I hope it brings BFPs for everyone waiting for one xx

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10 Responses to 8DPO – Christmas and Going Insane

  1. DeCaf says:

    Yeah, I hear ya. Today I’ve spent too much time pondering, do I want to test 10dpo or 12dpo. I’m misguidedly more optimistic about this cycle than last, and my chart is crazy level this time around. When are you planning on testing?

    • Fingers crossed for both of us hun!
      Im thinking i might test FMU tomorrow (9dpo) or FMU sunday (10DPO) AF is due sunday so we will see

      • DeCaf says:

        Okay, good luck! I hope both of us get a bfp. Also, have you tried taking extra b6? It sounds like your luteal phase is a bit short.

      • I have. It sent my cycle WACKO. Didn’t ovulate until cd40 and LP was same as ever. If it doesn’t work over the next two cycles I’m going to discuss it with the consultant gynaes at the hospital I’m being referred to. My current Dr doesn’t seem to hi i its a problem, and I’ve gotten pregnant before with it this short. However it’s not ideal…

      • DeCaf says:

        Okay, if you’ve still been able to get pregnant, it’s probably not a big deal. Every body is different.

      • Absolutely, but it’s something I’m going to mention to the new gynaecologist for sure.

  2. We are having the same symptoms on the same days for the most part. Are you going to test early or wait?

    • I’m not sure at the moment. I only have a 10 day luteal phase so tomorrow would be “early” 9dpo. Or Sunday which is when AF is due. I just don’t knoooooow!

      Fingers crossed for both of us x

      • Well maybe waiting is better then, since you luteal phase is so short you’ll know very soon regardless.

      • Indeed. I’ll see how I go. We’re going to FILs house tomorrow and there will be alcohol, so I’d like to know for sure whether I can have a couple of glasses of wine or not.
        Nine times out of ten I can’t work up the courage to test anyway, so I will probably end up waiting!

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