I’m VERY Bad At Waiting

Four days post ovulation over here. Yup. Just four days! This two week wait seems to be dragging like a biiiiitch. I think it’s because I ovulated early and therefore know we are in with a good chance this cycle. The only time it has ever happened this early is when we conceived squishy, so at present cd19 +OPKs have a 100% pregnancy rate for me!

Anyway, here’s an over the top round up of my “OMG signs and symptoms” thus far.

Cd18 – OPK almost + in PM
Cd19 – first +opk. Evening donation
Cd20 – O day – OPK + in morning. – by evening. Severe cramps up until around midday then nothing. Spotted red in evening,
Cd21 – 1dpo – upset tummy, cramps
Cd22 – 2dpo – cramps, Upset tummy, sore boobs
Cd23 – 3dpo – cramps, upset tummy, sore boobs, evening nausea
Cd24 – 4dpo – cramps, upset tummy, nausea, bruised feeling boobs

I know at this point nothing would have even implanted, so these are VERY unlikely to be anything to do with pregnancy or a possible baby. I think for the moment I am going to put them down to progesterone. Fact is that when I ovulate late, I’m pretty sure that I don’t ovulate very well and thus I release less progesterone. Early ovulation seems to yield a bumper crop of progesterone, so I’m guessing these feelings are all either progesterone or metformin related. The bleeding on ovulation day suggests I had a great, strong ovulation, so fingers crossed!

On the subject of the metformin, the side effects seem to be back with force. It’s hard not knowing what I can eat without opening myself to the rage of my tummy. I’ve learnt the best thing to do is avoid fatty food, anything too processed and milk. Those things yield immediate illness, but aside from that I’m getting on ok.

I have a Dr appointment tonight. I’m supposed to be getting prescribed clomid, so fingers crossed that will happen. I also want to ask m for a script for progesterone, as he told me that I should start it as soon as I get a positive pregnancy test. The problem with that is that he tends to be somewhat uncontactable, so my theory is that it would be helpful to have the script ready to go as and when it is needed. I also want to ask him about aspirin and whether it might be worth starting a low dose from bfp as and when it happens. I’ll report back later.

Anyhow, keep all fingers crossed for Amy and I as we wait out this torturous wait! Fingers crossed the last two week wait of 2014 will end in us starting 2015 with a little one growing! My period is due on 27th December.

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15 Responses to I’m VERY Bad At Waiting

  1. lesbemums says:

    Best of luck!! Am sending lots of baby dust.

    I apparently wasn’t producing enough/any progesterone when we were trying. It’s only when I went to see the Kinesiologist and she sorted it out that we then conceived, so I think highly of progesterone – the more the merrier.

    Really hope your 2014 ends on a high note. X

  2. DeCaf says:

    Good luck! My expected period is either the 31st or next year. 🙂 I hope we both get good news to ring in the new year.

  3. B says:

    Good luck! I am currently 6 dpo and going nuts waiting. I’m due 12/30 and literally counting the seconds LOL

  4. I know this is going to sound nuts, but when I got pregnant last September i had some spotting on the day of ovulation and very similar things to what youve been feeling. I ovulted cycle day 20 that month. My doctor told me that there is a hormone released (callec early pregnancy hormone) when the egg is fertilized so it os very possible to be experiencing some symptoms prior to implantation. Good luck girl, and tons of baby dust!

  5. TryTryAgain says:

    Good luck! And good luck on the metformin too. Im on it as well and struggling with not being able to eat all the lovely Christmas food as it makes me feel queasy! Xx

    • Its awful isnt it? But if it has the desired effect i will put up with the poo… Ive been on it nearly four months and still side effects. And this is the modified release version

      • TryTryAgain says:

        This is my second time on it and im definitely feeling better this time around. As long as I dont eat too much sugar all in one go im ok. Not much fun over christmas though!! But as you say, if it works ill keep going on it 🙂 xx

  6. Good luck..i’ve been thinking about you two…hope this is it!

  7. I too am 4dpo! Hope we both get pregnant and stay that way!!

  8. Good Luck!! Sending lots of implanty vibes your way!

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