Spearmint Helps PCOS? Sign me up!

Today a friend on a forum posted some interesting research about the effects of spearmint tea on testosterone levels and therefore symptoms of PCOS. I don’t suffer too badly with PCOS symptoms – I would say most of them are mild, but my bloods did show elevated testosterone, which I’m guessing is what causes my occasional chin hairs!

Put simply, a recent study showed that in a sample of women who drank spearmint tea twice a day for thirty days, many of them reported a decrease in facial hair and blood tests showed a decrease in testosterone level. This was compared with women who drank a placebo herbal tea for the thirty days and saw no difference.

Forty one of 42 patients completed the study. Free and total testosterone levels were significantly reduced over the 30 day period in the spearmint tea group (p < 0.05). LH and FSH also increased (p < 0.05). Patient's subjective assessments of their degree of hirsutism scored by the modified DQLI were significantly reduced in the spearmint tea group (p < 0.05). There was, however, no significant reduction in the objective Ferriman-Galwey ratings of hirsutism between the two trial groups over the trial duration (p = 0.12). There was a clear and significant alteration in the relevant hormone levels.

You can read the full study here.

Anyhow, as always I’m all about the natural remedies so I decided to give this a go. I dug around in my tea collection and found the Clipper After Dinner Mints infusion that I had previously reviewed here on the blog. You can read the review here . This contains spearmint amongst other things, so my resolution is to drink two cups of this a day. It might not help, but it certainly won’t hinder and is worth a go if you ask me! Bottoms up!


As always this post is not intended as medical advice. I am not a Dr or a healthcare professional. I am just passing on information that I have found.

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16 Responses to Spearmint Helps PCOS? Sign me up!

  1. I too am a pcos sufferer. Love the natural remedies. I’m going to add this to my bag of tricks. I’m currently taking a cinnamon supplement and an apple cider supplement.

  2. I remember I tried it, drinking mint tea, alternating it with cinnamon. It worked for a month, in that I only spotted, with nothing the following month. I ended the habit mainly because I forgot to do it as often as before, so there was nothing.

    I wonder though, did you come across anything suggesting that fasting had an effect on PCOS? Because come January this year, during my church’s prayer and fast I had gotten mine properly for the first time in years, and heavier than I remembered having it.

  3. Reblogged this on Rantings from inside my head and commented:
    Sorry, I’m a bit desperate here. If these work to treat the symptoms at least, is be glad.

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