Checking in…

Sorry we haven’t been around for a while, folks. I guess life got in the way is what you might say!

So, what’s new? I started my new job. I’m learning a lot at the moment about the department, who everyone is and how it works. It’s totally new to me – new systems, new department, new patients, so it’s a big learning curve. I like to think my previous job had equipped me well in a lot of ways, although I have to say I’m only just realising how much of a negative effect that job was having on me. I’m so awake at the moment. I hadn’t realised how tired I was in the past – I have just been absolutely exhausted for almost three years straight. The pressure isn’t as much here – maybe that comes with the territory. But I also found that even from day one here at induction it was very much what we CAN do and not what we CANNOT do. Induction at the last job was basically a list of things that would land you in coroners court. This led to a feeling of fear in the whole time that I worked there. Always the fear that if you made the tiniest mistake all hell would break loose.

I went home sick one day in my first week. It was partly that I was sick and partly because we had run out of things to do. I felt absolutely horrendous – just some kind of cold virus thing but you all now how those first couple of days with a cold feels. I hadn’t even thought about going home, but my manager inisisted. She also said something that I never heard at the old job – “don’t come in if you’re sick. You’re priority #1 in this situation”. Wow… how unusual. Anyway, enough about that. The job is going well.

Trying to concieve wise, today is cycle day twelve. I’m starting OPKs tonight but I’m not really filled with hope about this cycle. I guess it’s because we start clomid in the new year,so I’m sort of wishing the cycle away. I really do believe that it’s my late ovulation that is causing a problem as the month I ovulated early was the month we concieved Squishy. Hopefully clomid will solve that issue for me and we’ll be on our way to our rainbow!
I had a little break from the TTC world as I was having a bit of a funk. You know when you get in that frame of mind where everyone is pregnant except for you? Yup. That. So many of the lovely ladies and couples who I follow here on Word[press, Twitter and on Baby and Bump are expecting their babies and that is wonderful for them. My feeling here is not that I wan’t to be pregnant instead of them, it’s that i want to share in their joy and go through the journey with them. If I’m honest, I’ve been feeling a little left behind as of later, but such is the nature of the beast that is infertiltiy.

I’m enjoying following the journies of everyone and looking forward to the day that we begin to follow in the footsteps of those before us. It’s jsut a little hard to deal with at the moment.
So, anyhow. That’s the short update from us. I promise to try and post a little more frequently, but I can’t guarantee it will be entirely interesting stuff!

Hopefully the new year will bring new adventures all around!

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3 Responses to Checking in…

  1. I’m glad the new job is going well…i totally understand being in a different environment that is the complete opposite of where you just were! I was always in fear of losing my job too or being displaced and sent to another department. They scare the crap out of u kinda cuz they have to. BUt glad you are enjoying the new job. Hope to hear good news about this upcoming cycle!

    • Thanks hun. I dont feel like we’re in with a chance this cycle but its ok because clomid next cycle will hive me a new lease of hope. We’ll try anyway this month just because we said no egg would be wasted this year but mehhhhj

  2. lululove88 says:

    Congrats on the new job!! 😄😄

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