Cycle Day One… Again

Today my period showed up. For the twentieth time since started trying, starting the beginning of trying to conceive cycle twenty. This day is always the worst one in my cycle as it’s just a bit of a kick in the face. This month our timing was great despite the stupidly long cycle and we had a little bit of hope, but as usual it didn’t happen. It’s difficult to remember that even with the most perfect timing in the world, you only have about a 30% chance, and I’d assume our chance is a little smaller as we have a diagnosed issue in the form of PCOS.

Anyhow, another month down the drain but it doesn’t matter. Just one more cycle until I get clomid, and I’m hopeful that it will be the fix we need to finally conceive our forever baby. I texted Superhero Donor and said my next ovulation will probably be over christmas so we might have to miss it, but he replied not to worry as he is not going anywhere at Christmas. I still hope that I ovulate earlier, but at least I know he will be available if we need him.

Until then, mulled wine and mince pies it shall be. Soon the peeing on OPKs will begin again and cycle twenty will be underway. Who knows. It might well be the one…


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9 Responses to Cycle Day One… Again

  1. I’m sorry that it is taking so long. It sounds like you have a great donor who is available though

  2. surfergirluk says:

    So sorry to read this. It’s such a tough road. Love & solidarity to you both, enjoy your mince pie 🙂

  3. pepibebe says:

    Miserableness. I’m sorry for you hitting the number 20 😦 Also glad you have an accommodating donor! Has he been your donor for all 20 tries?

  4. lesbemums says:

    Really sorry to hear this, ladies.

    Your donor sounds amazing – what a lovely lovely bloke.

  5. Penny Lane says:

    BUGGERATION. Ok, fingers crossed for next cycle xxxx

  6. DeCaf says:

    Yikes. Here’s hoping for lucky 21, or that clomid does the trick.

  7. lezbemoms says:

    Poop. 😦

    Clomid worked really well for me (suspected PCOS), I hope that a) you don’t end up having to try it (ie get pregnant next round) but b) if you do, I hope it works just as well!

    Hugs. That wine looks amazing, enjoy it.

  8. I’m sorry it’s taking so many cycles, but mulled wine sounds like the perfect way to wallow for a while. Sending you lots of baby dust for the end of the year. We just started to ttc. Your perseverance is inspiring.

  9. Damn it! Sorry hat this is taking forever! Sometimes wine is def the way to go. And your donor REALLY is super do or. You guys really got a good one. Thinking of you guys…

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