Manners! Why Don’t More People Have Them?

Warning! Rant ahead!

Yesterday was definitely one of those days. I was awoken by Amy texting me to tell me that she had been assaulted at work and was at the police station. Amy works on transport and comes across plenty of situations in which she is abused, belittled and called things that are completely uncalled for. However, she has only been assaulted maybe one other time since starting this job over four years ago.

It turned out the scrote that assaulted her was FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. He was some fourteen year old little fuck bag that thought it was appripriate to hit my wife, who was only doing a job, in the face. I don’t even have words for this sort of person. I especially don’t have words for a fourteen year old who does this kind of crap. I still had dolls at fourteen. And the same goes for all the people who think it is necessary to verbally or physically abuse anyone who is just trying to do a job.

Once she was done at the police station and making her way back to where we live, I arranged to meet her in our local town so that we could nip into Tesco for a few little bits. On the way I sat down on the bus on the outside sear. The woman on the inside seat clearly wanted to get off the bus, but her way to get my to move was to stare at me and kiss her teeth. Eventually I turned to her, whilst getting up as we were at her stop and said to her “if you say excuse me, people get out of your way a lot faster.” She kissed her teeth and stomped off down the bus, turning to call me a “stupid bitch” before getting off. I had at first wondered if English was the problem, but I’m assuming that somebody who knows enough English to call me a “stupid bitch” should know enough English to say “excuse me” when she wants to get past someone.

Which brings me to my point. Why the hell don’t people have manners any more? I see it every day! People – adults and children – who would rather push past someone than say “excuse me”, who don’t seem to know that “please” and “Thankyou” exist and just seem to have an inflated sense of importance. Why aren’t we a little more caring for our fellow human?

I go through my life saying please, thank you and excuse me and I do find that nine times out of ten I get what I want and quickly. My parents taught me that “I want never gets” and to say “excuse me” if I want someone’s attention or would like them to move out of my way. They are such simple things, but it amazes me how many people of all ages can’t master basic politeness. If nothing else, their blood pressure must be a lot higher as they spend their whole lives arguing with people.

I’m hoping that Amy and I can do a great job of teaching our future child about manners, because I think life is much easier when you have them!

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7 Responses to Manners! Why Don’t More People Have Them?

  1. lesbemums says:

    I have no doubt that your babies will have manners as well as respect. I’d like to say that people like that arsehole on the bus won’t get far in life, but they will… In the form of their spawn. Their attitude will unfortunately spread on and on. Just remember that you are the better person.

    I hope Amy is ok – no one deserves to be assaulted. I hope that little shit gets what’s coming to him. What did the police say? Have they identified them?

    • Yeah they were identified abd arrested. Not sure what will happen from here

    • nosyparker says:

      Who knows what sort of day someone else has had and in the heat of the moment people say things they later regret. However I can’t see any excuse for your bad language. Following your hypothesis I presume your babies will be foul mouthed as well, a good example of bad manners.

      • Sometimes it is necessary. Your opinion is your opinion, however

      • lesbemums says:

        Unlike some parents, an example being the parents of the little toe-rag that thought it was acceptable to assault Amy, I know what is acceptable behaviour. Just because I have written in support of the girls by getting just as annoyed as them does not mean I will freely swear in front of my child. I don’t see you commenting on their use of language?
        This is clearly an adult based blog, free of young persons eyes.

        I am disgusted and appalled that you have made an assumption on what my parenting skills will be like based purely on a comment I have made on a blog – I don’t really know where you get off, I also don’t know what you would have gained from making such a pointless comment.

  2. Nosyparker says:

    Lesbemums, It’s a good example of bad manners and shows how things escalate. You don’t know what was going on with the woman, she was challenged, so replied back, two wrongs or three don’t make a right. There is a big difference between Laura swearing about someone hitting her wife a day after it happened – it is understandable, but you as third hand swearing about a woman getting off a bus is a different case.

    I actually don’t think necessarily that your children will swear because you do although I don’t think it will help, it is not my assumption, just wanted to show if you judge on manners then so will you also be judged as I said it follows your hypothesis. I hope the message has now got through. BTW regarding who reads this blog, one has to assume that it could be read by children, but as an adult I don’t want to read your swearing – sorry if that offends, and calling children spawn is not very nice either – I won’t reply further on this matter.

    Laura, My original comment was addressed towards Lesbemums, I should had made that clearer – sorry.

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