Aren’t OPKs Lovely?

Positive OPKs are just badass. Here’s today’s positives. We had a donation last night, so hoping it will be perfect timing. This is cycle nineteen.


I had definitely almost given up for this cycle, so I’m excited to have some renewed hope. Plenty of cramping tonight, so I’m assuming ovulation will happen late tonight or early tomorrow.

I have this worry at the moment about my eggs being released so late into my cycle. I always wonder whether they are a little old and manky by the time they pop. The only time I have got pregnant is with a cycle day twenty ovulation. Who knows, might be coincidence and I would have caught that month anyway.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m so hopeful for clomid. I’m hoping it will move my ovulation forward a bit and have a young, voluptuous egg bouding out for the waiting sperm! One more cycle to go! We should be getting clomid in the New Year.

I hope we don’t need it…

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2 Responses to Aren’t OPKs Lovely?

  1. Clomid will change your cycle entirely. At first just a little but after a few months it’s like clockwork, taking progesterone helps too.

  2. Molly says:

    Nothing used to make me happier than positive OPKs! Lol.

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