Let the Two Week Wait Begin…

It is cycle day twenty nine today and I was just about giving up hope of a positive ovulation test. I was pretty much convinced that this month would be anovulatory. And then there was this OPK…

I know itopkpos is not QUITE positive as the lines have just a little difference between them, but this usually means it will be BLARINGLY positive tomorrow, which means our timing is utter perfection. Amy is working tomorrow night and dealing with donations on my own is no fun – sometimes the extra pair of hands are useful! As always it was a pleasure to see Superhero Donor, who is incredibly tolerant of my wonky cycles and didn’t mind me texting him earlier like “Hey! Can you do tonight?!” As usual he was reliable. I thank my lucky stars that we found a donor like him.


Gizmo is wearing his Christmas Jumper in the hope that this is the month.

So, I usually ovulate two days after a first positive opk, so I’m, thinking ovulation will be on Wednesday or Thursday. Then we’ll just have to wait and see what happens after that. I’m glad we got to try this month in the end. Hopefully it will be the last month that we have to!

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8 Responses to Let the Two Week Wait Begin…

  1. Molly says:

    Woo hoo! Fingers crossed!

  2. DeCaf says:

    We’re wait buddies! Good luck!

  3. lesbemums says:

    Awesome timing. Good luck!! Fingers and toes crossed! X

  4. AndiePants says:

    sending you all the good fertile woo!

  5. pepibebe says:

    Gizmo is so adorable that he’s sure to be lucky!

  6. Ooooh YAY! Fingers crossed for you ladies and for a short feeling TWW! Praying for some good news!

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