Getting Healthy For Baby… Or For Me?

Since we went over twelve cycles, I class Amy and I as “Long Term Trying To Conceive”. I was thinking back today to how we were when we first started trying for a baby, all the things that we thought we had to do. All the things that, quite honestly, annoy the crap out of me now.

A lot of people who are trying to conceive treat the two week wait as if they are already pregnant. So, no alcohol, no smoking, no soft cheese, no seafood, no deli meats or soft ice cream. Amy and I used to do this. I would even slow down at the gym, limit heavy lifting and no sex. Needless to say, I don’t do this any more.

I’ve come to the conclusion over time that trying to conceive is trying to conceive. We are trying. We are not pregnant until we see two lines in a test. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t smoke and I generally don’t drink either. But on the occasion that I am offered a glass of wine, I’m not going to say no just because an egg popped out of an ovary and MAYBE got fertilised. Apart from anything, one glass of wine isn’t going to make any difference. People get and stay pregnant whilst on drugs, smoking, drinking and… God forbid… Eating soft cheese!

Of course, there istumblr_ne6prgNyh51tfqa6mo1_500 a difference between a healthy middle ground and being excessive. I don’t believe that you should smoke at all or drink excessively regardless of whether you are trying for a baby. That’s about looking after yourself. Amy and I haven’t been great with regards to the healthy eating and exercise, but this is something that we have changed recently and intend to run with. I’ve lost 12lbs so far, which I think is fantastic considering it’s only been about two weeks!

The thing is, and the thing i think every TTC’er should realise, is that these things are not just for the health of any future pregnancy and baby – they’re for our health. After all, we only get one life. Might as well try and live it healthily! The fact that they help with getting and staying pregnant is a bonus!

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1 Response to Getting Healthy For Baby… Or For Me?

  1. Great post. I find a lot of the time that the things I did 18 months ago are not the things I do now, and get irked when people do them/say them.

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