Dear Bagel Factory… Part Two

Most of you will have seen my “Dear Bagel Factory…” Post from just over a week ago. If you missed it, you can catch up here. I spent a very long time writing a very detailed email to The Bagel Factory, after seeing that they are currently running a “30% off for expectant mothers” promotion.

Today, there was a knock at the door and I answered it to a man holding flowers. Flowers that were addressed to me. From The Bagel Factory. Turns out my friend Jodie had had a similar conversation with them on Twitter to what I had had and they had said they would send flowers to “her friend who recently lost a baby.” That’s me…


Great job Bagel Factory! I agree that this is great customer service. The flowers are beautiful and I really appreciate them. They’re a lovely bouquet for autumn and were a lovely surprise. I have a red vase that matches them perfectly and of course, it is always lovely to receive flowers.

However, still no response to my email? No response to the email that took a couple F8871A11-1F5E-4A41-88EE-3C6E78FCAD3F_zps6jikzxyd (1)of hours for me to write? My issue here is not that I personally was offended by their offer. My issue is that many people will have been, but will not have spoken up about it because of what a taboo infertility is. I said it before and I will say it again – I do not need to be reminded of my lack of children every time I buy lunch. Neither does anyone else.

I am sending an email later today thanking them for the flowers, as they really are very lovely. But I also need them to understand that this is not over. Good customer service is not about sending flowers to silence people – it’s about dealing with the issue that the complaint was made about. Even if they choose not to pull the offer, ignoring an email from a concerned customer is bad service.

Also, I felt that their card (although I’m sure it was meant with the very best of intention) was a little patronising.


Anyhow, I’m hopeful for a response some time soon. Any response. Even just a “we are investigating” response. At the moment, for me, the silence is totally deafening on this one. Meanwhile I shall enjoy my flowers.


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8 Responses to Dear Bagel Factory… Part Two

  1. DeCaf says:

    Well at least it’s some acknowledgement.

  2. lesbemums says:

    At least they acknowledged it, but as soon as I read “…your friends…” That irked me.

    Bit in the middle with their response.

  3. Your post made me angry! Not at you but at the bagel company! Shame on them. Yes the flowers were a lovely thing, but it doesn’t make up for the hurt that their promotion has inflicted on countless people.

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