The “If We Catch This Month” Game.

I like to do this every cycle at some point as I think it keeps my positivity up. The first cycle we did this was the cycle we conceived Squishy, so it has sort of stuck. I usually only do it on one of the forums I post on, but thought it might be fun to start doing it here too!

This month I’ve been taking metformin 100mg as prescribed by my dr, Complete B Complex and 10,000iu of vitamin D daily as well as my usual oregnancy multivitamin.

If we catch this month…

Our baby would be due on July 27th 2015.

Their Zodiac Sign Would Be Leo

Their Birthstone Would Be Ruby

Their Birth Flower Would Be Larkspur or Water Lily

The Chinese Gender Predictor Predicts a Girl.

We actually don’t have any July or August birthdays in our families at the moment. It does mean they would be one of the youngest in their school year, though.

So, that’s what happens if we catch this month. Now my body just needs to get on with ovulating. Latest OPK is darkening slowly. These two were taken three hours apart, with the top one being the most recent.

I’m betting the positive opk will be here either tomorrow or Monday, which is great as Superhero Donor is now thankfully back in the country!

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2 Responses to The “If We Catch This Month” Game.

  1. DeCaf says:

    I’m glad the donor is back in town. 🙂 I hope it gets dark soon!

  2. Good luck!!! I hope we both catch tis month, we would be due a day apart!

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