National Fertility Awareness Week 2014 – Being Gay is Not a Fertility Problem

I’ve been looking around lately at various LGBT publications (Diva, Pink Parenting etc) and am coming across a bizarre trend. ALL of these publications seem to be under the impression that the only way for a lesbian couple to have a child is to go through a fertility clinic.

I filled in a survey at Pride a while ago about trying for a baby, and the options for how you were trying were very limited. It was something like “Adoption, IVF, IUI, other clinic treatment”, which I thought was a little bit backwards. There was no option for any type of non clinic insemination. No artificial insemination, no natural insemination… just clinics.

Looking at the amount of ladies online who are using donors, and have found their donors through sites like Pride Angel or more recently through Facebook Groups, it surprises me that publications that are there to advise LGBT people on their options do not consider this a viable option. I’ve seen many families created through known donor insemination.

Fact is fact, being gay is not a “fertility problem” so why should it require a fertility clinic? Especially when such clinics often charge ridiculous prices for their procedures? People often look shocked when Amy and I say we are trying with a known donor – yes, that’s right folks, a person not just a vial of sperm. As much as I understand why people go to clinics, I think publications need to state the fact that AI with a known donor is an option that many ladies choose to take. It is an option that is as successful as just plain old having sex.

As a final note, anyone who has questions about finding a donor give us an email

You can find out more about National Fertility Awareness Week 2014 by Clicking Here

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2 Responses to National Fertility Awareness Week 2014 – Being Gay is Not a Fertility Problem

  1. lesbemums says:

    Thank you so much for these posts. I’m going to re-post this if you don’t mind.

    I read those same articles in Diva and the only options within the article was IUI and the comparison with IVF!! Outrageous. I was disgusted!

    I am tempted (once baby arrives) to write to all those sources and show them proof that IUI/IVF is not the only option. If I had taken their advice I wouldn’t have bothered as we can’t afford any other option!

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