National Fertility Awareness Week 2014 – Tired of Myths and Legends

Is anyone else tired of some of the ridiculous things people tell eachother that will “definitely” get them pregnant? Or the things that you “must” do otherwise it will never work?

The way I look at it, is that if I had a shiny coin for every “must do” tip someone has given me, I would be a very rich lady! And if they were all true, no one would have any problems getting pregnant ever.

“You have to have an orgasm otherwise it won’t work”
“You have to keep your legs up in the air for a minimum of half an hour”
“You have to do it in the missionary position”
“If you don’t have an orgasm the sperm don’t know where to go”
“You should make sure you put a pillow under your bum”
“Don’t get straight up after or it will all fall out”

Is it me, or does this take you back to school, where rumours flew around that you can’t get pregnant if you do it standing up etc etc? At the end of the day, people have accidental babies. Babies are conceived through quickies up an alleyway. Babies are conceived in all kinds of circumstance, and let’s face it if women had to have an orgasm to have a baby there wouldn’t be as many babies around. Let’s be honest. Can you imagine?

I just think these silly “tips” are making things more difficult for everyone. I see posts on forums from ladies freaking out because they didn’t have an orgasm, or because they only laid down for five minutes, or because they didn’t stand on their head and spin around doing magical baby chanting.

Just chill, people. It’s nature. It’s frustrating and annoying, but our bodies so know what they are doing the majority of the time. Plus, putting a pillow under your bum surely just means you end up with a messy pillow?

You can find out more about National Fertility Awareness Week 2014 by Clicking Here

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1 Response to National Fertility Awareness Week 2014 – Tired of Myths and Legends

  1. This is so spot on! I used to put even more pressure on myself by trying all kinds is crap that obviously didn’t make a blind bit of difference.

    When you’re struggling with ttc you really don’t need extra things to worry about!

    Great post and hope your journey ends happily, soon x

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