REVIEW – PicStick Photo Magnets

Recently I was sent a code by the lovely folks at PicStick to try out some of their photo magnets for free! Excitedly, I headed over to their website. I love gimmicky little things like this, and I loved the idea of photos on my fridge without having to pin them down with various magnets!

Between Amy and I, we narrowed down our collection of hundreds of photos to nine. Each set of photo magnets is made up of nine, so we had to pick our very favourites for the honour of going on our very first set of photo magnets. A set is £9.50/$14.99 with free postage and packing.

We found the website incredibly easy to use and we could upload pictures directly from Facebook, which I loved. Often sites involving photo products don’t work very well on iPad, but this site was an absolute breeze. Just pick the photo, crop it if you want to, and then save. We were given one final preview of our set before popping in our details and hitting confirm. And whooosh! They were off!


A few days later I spotted a very colourful envelope had come through my letterbox. Excitedly I opened it and there were my magnets! Thankfully, they just came in a cardboard envelope, so I didn’t have to faff around making sure somebody was home to accept a parcel or similar. They came on a handy little sheet and were great quality. The standard of the pictures was unchanged from when I had selected them, which was great because with some photo products, the pictures end up looking pixelated and bad quality. I half expected them to be like those bulky plastic magnets that you sometimes get in theme parks, but this was not the case. The pictures were printed directly onto the magnet itself, so bulkiness isn’t a problem.


Here they are, lovingly placed into the melee of magnets that is my fridge. I originally had them on the fireplace, but with the nights getting colder now I had to remove them as I didn’t want to melt them!


I definitely would order again as I think these magnets are great value and would also be a great gift. With Christmas coming, I may get a couple of sets for family members who have got married this year or had babies, I think these would be a lovely momento of a special day. In a world where pictures are not really printed any more, just stored on Facebook or Photobucket or the like, I think this is a useful product.

PicStick kindly provided a code for my readers to use to gain 25% off their purchase, so if you enter this code you can enjoy this great product for less. The code is BABY25 (my first personalised code! Yay!). Valid until Nov 1st

You can visit PicStick by clicking on this link –

DISCLAIMER – as stated at the start of the review, this product was provided for free in exchange for a review. This is a true representation of my opinion of the product. I am not affiliated with PicStick in any way and was only compensated by being able to keep the product.

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1 Response to REVIEW – PicStick Photo Magnets

  1. Those look really cool and would be a great gift for my parents for the holidays! Might just use that code!

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