Clomid No Go

It’s cycle day six here. I didn’t get my clomid. I went back and forth trying to get the Dr to phone me back and nothing – I still haven’t had a call back. It annoys me that I am going to have to make an appointment for this, as I just need a prescription. I always try to not book and appointment unless I need one, but what the hell! Time to be selfish and book and appointment as I know it’s the only way I will get what I need to continue the treatment plan as required. The point that this could all be fine over the phone is moot, because the fertility Dr at my surgery seems unable to return a phone call.

BUT the whole situation seems to be a massive blessing in disguise. It’s urns out that Superhero Donor is away from my cd12 to my cd20! Clomid inevitably would have made me ovulate earlier than my usual between cd20 and cd26, and what good is ovulating earlier and more strongly if there’s no sperm there to catch the egg. So, turns out the clomid would have been no use anyway. I’m glad I didn’t get it and start it, as it would have been a waste when I only get six rounds.

So, the plan is that I’m going to get a Dr appointment for as soon as I can. Then I will get the clomid prescription ready for when and if I need it next cycle. I also need to talk to him about a progesterone prescription, as he advised me that when I next get a positive pregnancy test I should start progesterone immediately. I need to address my concerns of how I will actually do that when he seems unable to return a message or phone call? The best case scenario for me is that he gives me both prescriptions to use and and when I need them. That would be incredibly helpful.

So, yes, I was excited to start clomid this month. I was excited to start heading down the intervention road. It’s almost like getting a doctor involved takes away some of the stress, as he is then responsible for having a plan. Although I was at a first very frustrated at not getting the meds I was promised, I now think that with Superhero Donor being away this cycle, this wasn’t meant to be my first clomid cycle. Who knows, I may not end up needing the clomid.

It just proves that you never know what is round the corner. It seems things will fall into place no matter what. Your path is your path.

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3 Responses to Clomid No Go

  1. pepibebe says:

    Sounds like it’s worked out for this cycle – but yes, good plan to et the scripts you need in advance if he’s that lax at getting back to you!

    • pepibebe says:

      *get the scripts. Ohhh and make sure it has repeats on it or is enough for what you will need. I started progesterone pessaries at week 4 when my bloods came back showing it had dropped a bit. They said it was optional for me to go on it, but if I did I have to keep taking it till 9 weeks.

  2. At first I was all like, “UGHH!!! That sucks! How freaking annoying” but as I kept reading, I as more like, “Funny how shit works out”. Hopefully that ridiculous dr will get back to you so you can have everything ready for next cycle…then once it’s there you wont have to go through all of the drama to try and get in touch with him…because honestly, that’s crazy that he hasn’t called you back a freaking week later!

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