Becoming Mummies To A Special Guy…

Nope, it’s not about what you think! This actually happened before we went away, but I hadn’t yet posted the story of how we adopted our new… Fish! Yup, that’s right. We are now real life fish mummies. How… Exciting?!

This is Rocket.


The story of how Rocket came about, though, is quite interesting.
It was the beginning of October and a fairly warm day in London. Amy was at work and I was doing some general mooching around the house. In the early afternoon I got a text from Amy – “Call me”. Now, when I get texts like this it usually means something has happened, so I phoned her sharpish. What she said was just about the last thing I expected.

“Erm… Babe I have a problem. I was in Romford and there was a carrier bag left on top of a bin. I peered into it and there was a fish in a bag of water! I can’t leave him because he’s getting hot, but I can’t carry him around all day either”. Amy checks tickets on the buses, so the image of her carrying around a goldfish in a bag was just too hilarious to handle. I agreed to go and meet her at a local bus station to pick up said fish.

I dragged myself out of the house and met up with Amy half an hour or so later. There was definitely a fish, and he was definitely in a random bag of water. Amy told me how she was worried he would boil in the bag if she left him. She took her lunch break so that we could nip over to a local pet shop and get a tank for our newly adopted fin-child. We had one of the aquarists look at him and he said he looks to be perfectly healthy, so we got him a tank and a pineapple house (because every fish needs a pineapple house).

I took him home and got the tank ready for him, and by the following evening he was safe and sound in his new home, complete with pink grit and pineapple house. This is him before he moved In, waiting in a jug.


I’m not sure how this all came about. Amy did ask at the scene if he was anyone’s and did wait a little while for someone to come back. Who abandons a goldfish on the streets of Romford? How random are our lives anyway? And what the hell was wrong with rocket that he was abandoned atop a bin?

So, anyway, that’s our new baby. We’re getting him a friend in a couple of weeks and probably some more bits and bobs for his tank. I know nothing about fish and thankfully goldfish are fairly low maintenance, so he’s managed so far! Here’s hoping for a long and prosperous life for our most random pet.

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1 Response to Becoming Mummies To A Special Guy…

  1. Nosyparker says:

    Hi, Good luck with the new hobby. Goldfish are easier than topical fish as you won’t need the heater. I started keeping fish earlier in the year (topical). I see you have a filter, which is good. I think the biggest problem at first is maturing the water, so a couple of weeks for the next fish should be ok. The important thing is to get a test kit/start up kit, to test the water for nitrite to know when the water needs partly changing, failing that just do a water change every few days, regardless if the water looks clear. Likely the shop advised adding bacteria to the tank after treating the water for chlorine, as without it when everything in the tank is new there may be a build up of ammonia which could kill your new friend. Just trying to be helpful!

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