Ultimate Dork-Out

So, Amy and her sister went to New York comic con over the last couple of days. One of my favourite artists was exhibiting there – Amy Mebberson. She draws an unofficial disney series called “Pocket Princesses”, which I love. I have all sorts of hers lying around the house.

This year she was taking commissions of her work to be collected at the con. I asked her to draw something that I find absolutely hilarious. Elsa (Frozen) meeting Nancy (Enchanted). Why hilarious? Because they are played/voiced by the same actress – the incomparable Idina Menzel.

Amy picked up the commission for me yesterday and I am absolutely in love with it, but I picked up maximum dork points tonight by having Idina Menzel sign it!

Needless to say it’s going in a frame and never coming out again!

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(Please no taking this. It’s a commission that I paid for and the artist kindly took the time to draw.)

We met Idina at the stage door of her current show- If/Then, high is on at the Richard Rogers a theater, Broadway, New York, the show was absolutely fantastic too, but more on that another time,
You can check out Amy Mebberson’s stuff here – [url]http://amymebberson.tumblr.com[/url]

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3 Responses to Ultimate Dork-Out

  1. lesbemums says:

    We don’t anything liked this in the UK. So jealous!!!
    I’m a massive comic book fan, in particular DC Comics so would love to meet Frank Miller or similar.

  2. DeCaf says:

    That picture’s adorable.

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