An Ode to Clearblue

Reporting from cycle day TWENTY FIVE

I’m usually the first to poo poo Clearblue Ovulation tests. The majority of the time as far as I am concerned they are overpriced. I still think that, but I bought some to help confirm when ovulation happens as I don’t really trust the cheapies.

Is there actually any better than seeing this smiley face?


I love that my ovulation test is happy that I’m ovulating! Just makes me smile. Good work Clearblue!

Superhero Donor is coming over tonight so we will be in with a chance this month – still love his reliability! First positive was late last night so I think ovulation will be tomorrow. Too much info maybe, but I have some cracking ewcm! Thanks metformin!

Wish us luck!

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2 Responses to An Ode to Clearblue

  1. Best of luck!! I’l be rooting for you guys! Hope this works out!

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