Positivity is a Wonderful Thing

Over the last few days I have been doing the “three positive things” challenge on Facebook. A friend nominated me. The name of the game is that you post three positive things a day for five days in a row, and then nominate three friends a day to do similar.

I really enjoyed at as sometimes (especially when I’m working nights) everything can seem a bit rubbish, but making myself thing of three positive things a day was a really useful thing for me as it made me realise that there are some very good things in my life that I’m lucky to have. Even if one of those things was a cheese pretzel…


In other news, we did another vey positive thing in memory of our Squishy.
We sponsored a Guide Dog with Guide Dogs UK. Here’s the puppy who our donations will be helping through training school and beyond.


Yes, her name is Angel. We had a choice of two puppies and it was her name that drew us to her. I was shocked to learn that there are millions of blind or partially sighted people in the UK, and quite simply not enough funding for those who would benefit from a guide dog to have one. Plus, it costs around £50,000 to train and create a partnership for ONE person and ONE dog. So, we figured we would sponsor Angel for her two years at training school!

You can sponsor your own Guide Dog puppy and learn more about Guide Dogs on this link —> CLICK ME

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