Cycle Day One – Return of the Witch

Today I got my first period since the miscarriage. We were quite excited as it was meant to show up yesterday, but this morning our excitement was dashed. Either way, we are not too gutted. I’m just glad I had a relatively prompt period a some ladies’ cycles end up going on for months after a miscarriage.

I honestly would have been very surprised if we had caught right away. I know a lot of people say that you are more fertile after a miscarriage, but I’m really not sure how true I think that is. My luteal phase (the time between ovulation and period) seemed to be a day longer than usual this cycle, which is great. It was previously short at ten days, but I’m hoping to get it up to twelve days minimum through being healthier.

So, the good news is this is another month for Amy and I to get healthy, keep on losing weight and make sure everything is as right as it can be when we have our rainbow. I have another two cycles to go until the doctor will give me clomid, and I will be staying on the metformin in that time. Metformin itself will aid with the weight loss and getting hormones in check ready for the clomid to hopefully boost my ovulation and shorten my cycles somewhat. I’ve also started taking a 5,000iu dose of vitamin D daily along with my prenatal and metformin.

I really believe that my late ovulation (usually around cd26) is the reason for the infertility. It’s just odd to me that the one month I ovulated early (cd18) was the month that was conceived. So, I’m hoping clomid will do that for me and we will have our rainbow soon.

I have to say, the whole process is easier this time. Superhero donor is a fantastic support and so reliable that my wacky cycles don’t cause me worries, as I know he will be as available as he possibly can. We’re also generally a lot happier and healthier since moving house last December and I do think that overall being more relaxed about the process is helping. No crazy symptom spotting, no crying over AF and no stressing. Just the knowledge that it will happen for us. We just have to wait. We’ve gotten pretty good at waiting over the last two years.

I know it’s a cliche, but at least now I do know that I can get pregnant – I’m just hopeful that next time our Squishy will stick with us for nine months and come into the world happy and healthy.

In other news… I found this. It made me chuckle considering we refer to our donor as “superhero donor”.


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