Just As We Were About To Give Up…

Isn’t it always the way? On Friday I was just about ready to give up opk’ing for the month. I had a good root around in the house and managed to find a grand total of eight OPKs. I figured if I ran out of those, then we should stop OPKing for the month as it probably wasn’t going to happen. Friday was my cycle day 31, and with my +opk usually being on cd26 at the latest, I was a little short on hope. I was also hoping that the miscarriage hadn’t messed up my cycle to the extent that I ended up with a cycle much longer than my usual thirty six days.

Imagine my surprise when on Friday night my OPK was nearly positive. I waited on it, as I had had a couple of near positives throughout the cycle. Saturday morning I got the positive! Bearing in mind I was up at 0430am for work, I thought that probably wasn’t a suitable time to text Superhero Donor so left it until I had done another OPK later in the day. To my dismay, the one slightly later on was only “almost” positive. I out it down to possibly just dilute pee and asked Superhero Donor if he could come over that evening, thinking I would cancel later and save him the journey if the opk stayed negative. I did one when I got home and this happened…


Needless to say I was pretty relieved to see this! So, we kept Superhero Donor (who had kindly interrupted his Saturday for my sudden ovulatory needs!) coming over.

It was good to see him after so long, and I realised again why we ware so lucky to have him as our donor. We found him on a complete fluke, when he came to our rescue three cycles ago, and it’s really worked in our favour as it I turns out we have a lot in common – especially that we both understand that a Jack Russells think they are Rottweilers…

He did his thing, we did our thing and then the deed was done. I’m hopeful. Apparently, a woman is more fertile for the few months following a miscarriage, so I am hoping that we can take advantage of that and have our Squishy return to us. I hadn’t realised earlier, but yesterday was exactly a month since we lost Squishy and was the day I should have been twelve weeks pregnant. That’s bittersweet, and of course I would rather be still pregnant than trying again, but I’m very thankful to actually be ovulating straight after miscarriage with only really a seven day delay in my cycle. I’m also very thankful that Amy and I came through this stronger than ever and of course thankful that Superhero Donor is ready and willing to help again.

So, let’s see how this goes. Fingers crossed that in about two weeks we will be growing our angel, who would be a May baby. But if we’re not, thankfully I already have a treatment plan from the doctor. Our rainbow must be on the horizon.


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3 Responses to Just As We Were About To Give Up…

  1. Jen says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss but fingers crossed for this cycle 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    How’s you 2ww going?

  3. Ms.Geminina says:

    Fingers crossed babies are so sweet

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