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As pgraze-logoart of my “healthy body” plan to help us have our forever baby, I recently signed up to They bill themselves as “Snacking Reinvented” and supply tasty little snack boxes filled with healthy goodness.

I was a little apprehensive, though, as I am not really a fan of what Amy calls “rabbit food”. I generally find seeds, nuts and dried fruits incredibly boring, but I had a code from a friend for my first box free and decided to give this world of Graze boxes a go.

I headed over to their website at and signed up,. I was asked to supply my debit card details and immediately thought about not bothering, after all, my first box is free, right? Then I found the reassuring paragraph that states they only need your card details as you are signing up for a plan that will be charged after the first box if you choose to have more boxes delivered. It also says you are within your rights to cancel after the first box (or at any time) and not be charged. Fantastic!

Once signed up and on the site, I was taken through a few options. First, what kind of box would I like? I opted for the standard “nibble box”, which offers their greatest variety of healthy snacks to try. They also have several other types – The Breakfast Variety Box (which I am looking forward to trying), The Goodybox (especially for kids), Light Box (Low Calorie), Boost Box (nutrient high snacks), Sustain Box (High protein) and the Sugar Count Box, which helps look after your sugar levels. They also offer two speciality boxes – the Chocolate Box (mmmmmm chocolate) and the Savoury Box.


So, ahead I went with my choice of box. Now to choose how often I would like them to show up. I went for once a week on a Wednesday, figuring a mid week pick me up is always pleasant! Then, the site allows you to choose from their hundreds of snacks, which ones you want to bin, try, like and love. This made it easy for me to get rid of the foods that I absolutely did not want in my box (beef jerky and anything with olives!) and select the ones that I would like to see more often. Once I was done looking through their myriad of snacks, I had nothing to do except for sit and wait for my box of goodies.

This is actually one of the things I love about Graze – the flexibility! I love that its up to me how often I get my boxes, how many I get and what comes in them. You could narrow it down to pretty much the same snacks every time if you wanted to, but where’s the fun in that? If you have specific dietary requirements, it is very easy to “bin” all the products that do not meet your needs through the handy search function. I also enjoyed the flexibility to cancel any time that I wished, but on looking on their site at what joy was to befall me, I very much doubted I would be cancelling!

A few days later my postman arrived with an exciting gift. No need to worry about being in – the handy little box will fit right through your letterbox – yay! Very handy for shift workers like Amy and I! I could hardly wait to rip open the box. So, after convincing the dog that it definitely wasn’t for him (!!!), I opened the box and saw the wonderful snacks that were waiting for me.

graze review

Here’s what I received! Summer Berry Flapjack, Boston Baguette, Slightly Sweet Popcorn and Punchy Protein Nuts. I was thrilled with the variety offered here and swanned into work with my healthy snacks for the day. In an office where sweets are everywhere, these snacks were great to have,.They kept hunger at bay without loading me full of lots of unnecessary calories.

My personal favourite in this box was the Slightly Sweet Popcorn. I cooked it in the microwave at work on a break and had a popcorn break. Perfection! The Boston Baguettes were also fantastic too. I loved the tangy BBQ Salsa that came with them. The Summer Berry Flapjack went down great with a cup of (green) tea and the nuts were a great mid afternoon pick me up.

Also, with my box I got a handy little Friendcode – just like my friend had given me! Basically, you give your friend code to erm… friends, they sign up to using your code and they get their first, fifth and tenth boxes free! Also, the other thing I didn’t realise is that for every time someone uses my friend code, I get £1 off my next box! Win, win for everyone and no obligation all around. In the spirit of sharing my code, here it is! Click Here To Use My Friend Code – use this for your first, fifth and tenth boxes free.

Value is fairly good on these little treats. One box will usually cost £3.99, with free delivery. There are often special offers around, but I feel that even at £3.99 these boxes offer great value. I spend more than that per day on lunch, and these encourage me to pack my own lunch and take these treats for snacks.

So, needless to say I was pretty impressed with the variety offered by these boxes. They’re fantastic little snacks that fit easily into a work bag. I love the convenience of being able to choose when your box arrives and what is in it, but the thing I love most of all is that these snacks are healthy! All the food is also not genetically modified in any way, natural and any eggs used are free range. The boxes and most of the packaging is fully recyclable, which means very little environmental impact for these little boxes of joy!

So, there’s the first chapter of my love story with I very much recommend these snack boxes for everyone to try. They make healthy snacking fun!


Disclaimer – I received this box thanks to a friend code. I am not affiliated with Pictures on this page are taken from their press pack, and from their “what’s in your box” page. I received no payment or incentive to write this post.

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