Limbo Land

Yesterday I went to the early pregnancy unit as I had a little bit of red spotting and wanted to get checked out.

They scanned me almost immediately and we weren’t to thrilled with what they saw. I have a sac and a yolk, but no baby and no heartbeat. They said because of my long cycles I could just be earlier than I thought.

Working it out by ovulation, the earliest we could be is 6+4 or at a push 6+3.

We’re getting scanned again in two weeks. They said it could go either way at this point, but seeing a yolk is positive as where there is a yolk, there is a baby. They also said the pregnancy is in the right place and the sac and yolk look the right size for 6 weeks-ish.

Keep fingers and toes crossed that Squishy will be ok. The next two weeks are going to be very hard.

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4 Responses to Limbo Land

  1. h3ath3rd says:

    Will be thinking about you ladies!

  2. chickletsmums says:

    Oh man, that must have been upsetting for you, but don’t give up hope. I don’t think it’s just about when you ovulated but also that baby could have been slow to implant. Our early scan put us a few days behind and we had IVF, so there was no question over the dates! I really hope your next scan looks better. Are you “feeling” pregnant? Any sickness? Thinking of you and crossing fingers and toes.
    BTW judging from a few of your posts, I think we live quite close to each other!

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