Seven Whole Weeks!

Today, Squishy is seven whole weeks old! Which means we are over half way through the first trimester and two weeks away from our scan. Here’s what’s happening, once again lovingly borrowed from

All very interesting stuff! I’m amazed by how fast they are growing in there! From a poppyseed to a blueberry in just three short weeks is incredible! Here’s the weekly fruit picture, for your viewing pleasure. I can’t wait to have a completed set of these and be able to get them printed into a little book. Maybe with the positive pregnancy test at the start and a picture of Squishy at the end.

Not much to report really except for I’m on night shifts, so I am dog tired! It’s my first night shifts since being pregnant, so I’m hoping they go ok. Only six more shifts in uniform until we have our scan and then I can wear my own clothes because I will be ok with people knowing. So exciting!

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