6+5 – Sweet Child of Mine

Six weeks and five days pregnant today. It seems like only five minutes ago we got our positive test, when in reality it was over two weeks ago! Today I found some Clearblue Digis and decided to pee on one for fun. The last time I used one at 5+1 and it freaked me out a little as it gave me “Pregnant 1-2” when I hoped it would be 2-3. I was a little worried today, but I needed not have been, as it did exactly what it should be doing at 6+5 and gave me this beautiful result…

In terms if symptoms, not much to report. I had some pretty intense nausea last week, and I do get waves every so often now but it hasn’t been as bad. The sore boobs are still present and I am praying that I fit into my work trousers tomorrow as I am very bloated!
Otherwise I don’t really feel pregnant at all. It still doesn’t seem real. I guess as I can’t feel them, I can’t hear their heartbeat and I haven’t seen them in a scan yet, the only way I know that Squishy is there is doing a test. I don’t intend to do any more tests at this point as I think that causes more anxiety than it solves, but MAN I can’t wait for our scan!
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We bought Squishy a little gift today. It made us both smile and we thought why on earth not? I’m living by the motto that no baby was ever lost because someone was too excited for them, so we are revelling in the fact that today, I am pregnant. I have every hope that Squishy is a take home baby.


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4 Responses to 6+5 – Sweet Child of Mine

  1. miku says:

    Omg I love it that! Where did you get it from?

  2. miku says:

    Really? That’s awesome. So cute. Congrats again by the way!!!!

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