Six Weeks!

Today Squishy is six weeks old! According to Babycenter, this is what is happening this week…


So, Squishy is the size of a lentil. According to my The Bump Ticker, that is also the same size as a sweet pea.


As for me. I feel sick. I definitely yacked in Sainsburys earlier today – luckily I made it to the loo first! I find I definitely don’t feel nauseous constantly, but when it comes IT COMES. I do have the house to myself this weekend, though as Amy is away at a music festival, so at least I get the bed to myself so can stretch as necessary. Apart from that I’m just tried… Super tired.

Today is my dad’s birthday, so I decided to bit the bullet and tell him about Squishy. I was surprised, but he was actually really happy and excited! I haven’t always had the best relationship with my dad as in the past he has often disapproved of choices I have made and such, but he is genuinely happy to become a grandad! My stepmum is very happy as well and has already started planning to make a quilt – which I’m very excited about!

Dad sort of let the cat out of the bag on Facebook, but luckily he hasn’t yet said which is his three daughters is expecting!


For some reason six weeks seems like a milestone. I know it’s not really, but it just feels that much closer to twelve weeks. Now, that Squishy likely has a heartbeat it just feels more like he/she is here to stay. Obviously I don’t know how he/she is doing in there but I’m hoping as my symptoms are progressing there is a good chance that all is well. I haven’t had any spotting for a few days, which is good too.

We have a scan booked! I’m so excited! It is booked for 0900 on July 5th, which will make me nine weeks pregnant. July 5th is also eight years to the day since Amy and I met, which is lovely. Who would have thought eight years after the day we met we would be watching our first child wriggle around on an ultrasound? Anyhow, keep fingers crossed that all is ok!


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