Five Weeks Pregnant

Today I am five weeks pregnant. This means Squishy is about the size of an Appleseed.


Babycentre, says that the following is happening to Squishy this week…

Even though you don’t look pregnant yet, inside your body your baby is growing rapidly. This week your baby’s heart begins to beat. Although, as an embryo, your baby still looks more like a tadpole than a human being, their major organs are developing. Your baby’s kidneys and heart are growing, and the neural tube, which protects his spinal cord and connects it to their brain, is closing over.

All very exciting! Squishy is doing some SERIOUS growing in there. Which is probably why I feel so exhausted all of the time! Aside from exhaustion, the sore boobs are ever present and I have an aversion to fried food. So, cooked breakfasts are very much out of the question at the moment! I have the occasional wave of nausea when I’m hungry, but nothing worth writing home about. I’m also peeing about every thirty minutes – isn’t pregnancy dignified? Really, I don’t even feel pregnant at the moment. I can certainly see how women can be at this stage in their pregnancy and just think they are tired! The spotting that happened at 10-12dpo hasn’t been since since, which is good. I’m assuming it was just a bit of implantation bleeding and nothing to worry about. I do still find myself expecting to see blood every time I go to the toilet, though.

I have to admit, because of not feeling or looking pregnant it is very easy to become anxious. We had a very shaky night the other night when I did a first response test and the line was only a tiny bit darker than it has been previously. But we did eventually talk each other down. Fact is, some women’s tests don’t go really really dark. Sometimes they just don’t. Pregnancy tests tell us nothing – apart from the fact that we are pregnant. So, for now I am stepping away from the pregnancy tests!

No one told me how scary this time in pregnancy is. The time when the miscarriage rates are fairly high, you haven’t seen them on a scan yet and you can’t feel them move. The on,y way you know they’re there is because if you pee on a stick, you see a pink line! I have been reassured that once this bit is over, though, it gets better. I’m just so excited to see Squishy on a scan. We’re going to be having an early scan at the start of July, just to make sure everything is ok in there and to check that it is just one Squishy hitch hiking! People have said it’s a lot of money (£99) for something we will get a few weeks after for free, but I really want to know that all is well in there. Plus, you get more time taken and more pictures from a private scan.

I self referred to the midwife a few days ago, so fingers crossed they will get back to me soon so that I can get my booking in appointment sorted. I also discovered that the hospital nearest to me is getting a birth centre, which is excellent as I love the idea of giving birth in a birth centre. We had considered going to the one in Lewisham, which is about a fifteen minute drive from us, but having the option of going to the local hospital is amazing! They have confirmed it should be open by February as well so fingers crossed we will get to have the birth that we want.

Nothing else to report, really. Just trying to grow this little Appleseed into a baby! Stick with us Squishy. We already love you so much!

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