Four Weeks and Four Days… PREGNANT,

Pregnant! Bloody finally, right? It has been two years and four months since the very first time we tried for our baby, and they are finally now making their home in my womb. Snuggle in tight, Squishy! We love you!

Earlier on I had horrendous cramps (that turned out to be gas cramps… But still) and was convinced I would get to the toilet and be bleeding a lot. Not not a drop of blood. Just some very painful gas! That gave me “the fear” and although Amy and I had said no more testing until Friday, I took the last Tesco digital test… And it said that magic word!


I don’t think that will ever get old!

What else? We went to the dr the other day. I already had the appointment booked as I was intending to get tested for PCOS, so I had booked an appointment with the fertility dr! Going in and telling him we were pregnant was amazing! He congratulated us, reassured me about the couple of spots of blood I have had, and told us what to do with regards to booking in with the midwife. He also said as far as he is concerned, it will be considered a low risk pregnancy. All good news!

We told a few people our news. First to hear was Amy’s dad and stepmum, followed by her mum, sister and nan. They were all very happy for us (and for them!). Squishy will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family so it’s exciting all around. There are a few friends (ones that I can trust to keep their mouths shut!) who know a and my. Younger sister knows as well. I’m not telling my dad or anyone else my side of the family until we’ve had a scan and we know everything is ok, but the news has been taken very well so far and everyone is very excited!

Last month was a great one, I have to say. At the start of huge month, Amy got a very exciting letter (which I am not allowed to talk about yet), then I won £200 of Hotels4u vouchers in Twitter, then I won a donor baby book (which is in its way from America as we speak), obviously we got our bfp on June first and then this morning I received free Pregnacare Conception vitamins in the post from ANOTHER Twitter competition!

Basically, things are looking good at the moment, after a really, very hard few years, things are finally taking shape. I can’t wait for Squishy to be here already!

My ticker today…


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1 Response to Four Weeks and Four Days… PREGNANT,

  1. carly :) says:

    This just makes me happy inside!!! Nobody I know deserves this more than you!! Ooh and soo intrigued about Amy’s letter! hehe

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